Xiaomi Mi 11 gets MIUI 12.5.12, which fixes an annoying bug


The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has released iterations of the MIUI 12.5 for its smartphones. The company has has successively pushed the stable version update MIUI 12.5.12 for the Xiaomi Mi 11 series this week. Now the standard Xiaomi Mi 11 gets this update. This update is 125MB and comes with the Google August security patch. In addition, this update fixes an annoying bug that causes the mute icon in the volume section to be displayed incorrectly.

At the beginning of September, the Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra received a major update that weighs 4 GB. Besides, the The internal beta update for MIUI 9/21/17 is currently available for users with internal beta qualifications. The system is equipped with the Android 12 Kernel for the first time while fixing many bugs in the development version of the system. However, it also brings new bugs that come with the Android 12 system. According to Xiaomi, subsequent releases will gradually optimize and repair this system.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra now gets MIUI 12.5 (Android 12) dev. execution

In May of this year, Android brought a major overhaul to the Android 12 system. After that, large cell phone manufacturers also began to develop new systems. Since all Chinese manufacturers make extensive customization of the Android system, the customization time will be longer. According to user feedback, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is now receiving relevant Android 12 updates. The version number is MIUI 12.5 21.9.25 development version internal test. The biggest highlight of this version of the system is the upgrade to the Android 12 version.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra flagship phones

It is worth noting that the update log also shows that this update improves the stability of the system and optimizes the fluidity of the system. We also expect this update to improve the performance of the MIUI 12.5 system.

However, it’s important to note that this update is a cross-Android upgrade. Therefore, to reduce the risk of data loss, users should ensure that they back up their data before upgrading. Starting and loading this update takes a relatively long time. In addition, performance and power consumption problems such as: B. Warming come. Also, some third-party applications that are incompatible with Android 12 may not work normally.

According to Google, the Android 12 system improves the entire underlying system, which can reduce the CPU time required for core system services by 22%. This also reduces the server usage of the system with large cores by 15%. Ultimately, this makes the operation smooth and quick. In terms of data protection, the Android 12 warns users about which apps are accessing user data.

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