Wahoo acquires RGT Cycling and launches Wahoo X

Wahoo announced that it has acquired RGT Cycling, one of the leading virtual indoor cycling apps and a key Zwift competitor, to expand its growing collection of training software.

As part of the acquisition, RGT Cycling will be rebranded as Wahoo RGT and made available through a new subscription model called Wahoo X.

A subscription to Wahoo X costs $14.99 per month or $129 per year and gives users access to Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM, the brand’s existing online training platform.

RGT Cycling, which offers virtual recreations of legendary real-world roads like Passo dello Stelvio, is now part of the Wahoo ecosystem.
RGT cycling

Wahoo RGT

While Zwift offers a more playful virtual indoor cycling experience, RGT Cycling sets itself apart with a more realistic experience.

Wahoo says, “Wahoo RGT offers realistic pulling, cornering, and braking, making it less like a video game and more like an immersive bike simulator.”

Rather than creating worlds that only occasionally mimic real-world locations, Wahoo RGT inherits RGT Cycling’s simulations of famous routes and climbs.

Courses include the infamous climb of Mont Ventoux in the Tour de France.
RGT cycling

There are also virtual group rides and races to take part in, as well as a library of structured workouts for those trying to improve their fitness.

Subscribers can also upload GPX files to create custom virtual courses using the software’s Magic Roads feature.

As is usually the case, it’s possible to get online with a simpler indoor cycling setup, but you’ll need a smart trainer or indoor smart bike to get the most out of software like this.

Users can participate in group rides and races in the game.
RGT cycling

What is Wahoo X and how much does it cost?

Wahoo X is a new subscription service from Wahoo that offers users “full access to all features and content for both the Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT under one convenient subscription.”

Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia says, “The acquisition of RGT Cycling and the launch of the new Wahoo X subscription service gives athletes more options, more convenience and more control over how they train.

“With a single subscription and account that works across the entire suite of Wahoo products, we’re able to deliver unparalleled value and a premium experience.”

Wahoo combines RGT Cycling and Wahoo SYSTM in one package.

A Wahoo X subscription costs $14.99 per month or $129 per year. A 14-day free trial that gives users access to all Wahoo X features is also available.

However, Wahoo confirmed that RGT Cycling’s existing option for a free membership with limited features would transfer to Wahoo RGT.

According to Wahoo, existing RGT Cycling and Wahoo SYSTM subscribers will automatically transfer to Wahoo X.

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