Waco’s new smart water meters provide alerts and usage details via a new billing system | local government. and politics

“We don’t have a date on when these gauges will even be shipped to us, and it’s been months,” she said.

Workers are almost done installing the connected grid routers that will allow the utility department to read and interact with the smart meters. Tyer said the new system will read meters 24 hours a day, providing the department with more data than ever before. Next, workers must install about 10,000 leak detectors.

“Hopefully we can be more proactive in fixing leaks before they spill onto the streets,” Tyer said.

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Tyer said the new system will allow customers and employees to time water use to the hour.

“If we read once every 30 days, I don’t know what’s happening to your water,” she said. “I can’t tell you where your water went. This gives us a better idea and allows us to make an accurate determination. Has your sprinkler system come on? Does it look like you have a slow toilet leak?”

In response to questions from council member Josh Borderud during a Tuesday council meeting, Tyer said Waco residents can continue to pay their water bills through the mail and don’t have to set up an online account.

“Otherwise nothing changes,” she said. “If we’re going to do something like a boil report, we still have to do all the other communication methods that we’ve had to do in the past. This will be an advantage for people who want to know this information immediately.”

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