Two scams in circulation and TurboTax refund

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – We have three articles in your Consumer First Alert this week.


The Calumet County Sheriff’s Office says residents of the village of Harrison lost about $78,000 to a computer software scam.

Officials say they have received multiple fraud complaints from Harrison residents.

In each case, victims received calls instructing them to download software onto their computer or mobile device. The scammers were then able to gain access to bank and investment accounts set up on the device.

The suspects quickly exchange funds for cryptocurrency. Officials say it’s difficult to trace and ends up abroad, where it’s likely never to be recovered.

The sheriff’s office says never allow anyone else to access your computer or mobile device. Do not agree to make payments in the form of gift cards. Legitimate companies will never accept this as payment.

“If you’re on the phone with someone who tells you they need access to your computer or mobile device, or requests payment in gift cards, your best bet is to hang up and if the scammer calls back, don’t answer the call and block his phone number,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.


Unemployment text scams try to catch people off guard.

A viewer shared a text message claiming there was a $7,200 deposit in your unemployment account and containing a link. Don’t click on it.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has issued a warning about these scams. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was a major concern.

Don’t click or reply to random messages. Don’t give out your personal information.


Some TurboTax customers receive a refund. It’s part of a $141 million settlement across all 50 states.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says 7,600 TurboTax claimants in Wisconsin will split $2,370,000 as part of the settlement.

Investigators say Intuit, the owner of the tax filing software company, lured low-income customers with its free campaign ad, distracting them from the IRS Free File Program.

Intuit also agreed to reform business practices and disclose free products.

People are expected to get about $30 for every year they were fooled for the 2016-2018 tax years.

Affected customers will receive notifications and a check in the mail.

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