Transact introduces Transact One – the mobile-centric platform that integrates and streamlines the entire campus interaction experience

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE). Unroll 360° User conference this week. Transact One provides universities with a personalized, mobile-centric portal for administrators, faculty and staff to access campus services through a single website or mobile web application interface that also supports a student web application.

Transact One brings campus ID, commerce and payments into a single integrated ecosystem. It features an intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical user interface and preconfigured widgets that enable fast data integration, customizable for each university. Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) support integration with any third-party partner.

“We are excited to announce the first phase of Transact One, which will provide administrators, faculty and staff with a unified platform to support all of their on-campus needs,” said Nancy Langer, CEO of Transact. “Transact One’s features streamline the campus experience and we are confident that data integration will increase efficiencies; Time savings and added value all along the line.”

In addition, school administrators and educators have access to Transact Insights, a comprehensive analytics dashboard that can identify trends and provide real-time data access.

“Universities are actively looking for new solutions and are quickly adopting technologies that meet their needs for efficiency and ease of use. The Transact One platform is resonating with its key users: students who grew up digital and are looking for fast and secure information on their smartphones,” added Langer.

“As the leading provider of mobile credentials and integrated payments on campus, the launch of Transact One was the logical next step to renew the way our products work together,” said Taran Lent, VP Product Development, Transact. “The single point of access simplifies service delivery for administrators, accelerates insight-based decision making, and enables new connected experiences for our users.”

Simultaneously with the launch of Transact One, Transact’s next-generation enterprise software is released: Transact IDX. This transaction system platform is the first solution launched in the Transact One ecosystem. Transact IDX offers a modern, mobile-centric platform while delivering stored values, menus, events, door access, mobile credentials and more for higher education.

About Transact

Transact is a leader in innovative payment and mobile sign-in solutions for a connected campus. Its highly configurable, mobile-centric campus technology ecosystem simplifies the student experience across the spectrum of student life and streamlines transactions for administrators, faculty and staff. Transact offerings include integrated solutions for education, housing and food, and commerce. Transact also provides solutions for multipurpose campus IDs and stored values. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact proudly offers a connected experience to more than 12 million students in more than 1,750 customer institutions. Transact solutions power $45 billion in payments annually and have enabled more than 58 million contactless mobile wallet transactions and $90 million in mobile orders in less than three years. For more information, visit

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