Top 5 Most Popular Cafes in Rochester, New York | restaurant review

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Rochester is one of the most pleasant cities in upstate New York with a variety of fascinating attractions. High Falls, plunging 100 feet over a ledge in the heart of downtown, is one of the most spectacular features. The city also has a large number of well-preserved old buildings, excellent museums and fantastic places to eat and drink. Rochester, New York is addicted to good coffee, so plan your next visit accordingly.

5. Fuego coffee roaster

Fuego Coffee Roasters offers a wide range of espresso drinks, filter and pour-over coffees, teas and kombucha, as well as a selection of desserts and a rotating lunch menu, all of which are some of the city’s most popular. A variety of snacks are available in their display case including vegan, gluten free, sweet and savory options! Visit her for an espresso and a delicious breakfast.

4. spot coffee

When you combine your staff of experienced coffee roasters and baristas with the latest technology and the highest quality ingredients, you can be sure that your customers are drinking the best. Each cup – be it a silky chai, a creamy latte, a rich hot chocolate or a cold blended treat with a caffeinated kick – is presented to you with confidence and care thanks to their small-batch roasting technique.

3. Glen Edith Coffee Roaster

Glen Edith Coffee Roasters is a collection of family and friends doing what they love, bringing people together at kitchen tables, coffee shops and other gathering places. They work hard to support and build relationships in their community so it can thrive and expand. They hope to achieve unity by roasting coffee, not just in Rochester but globally as they forge connections with farmers around the world. They devote themselves to roasting in a way that brings out the inherent and unique characteristics of each coffee.

2. New City Cafe & Roastery

Located in the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester, they serve and roast quality coffee from around the world and partner with other local businesses to create a unique community gathering place. They select fair trade, high quality coffee from major producers and carefully roast it to bring out the unique flavor of each cup.

1. Java’s cafe

Ethically sourced and roasted locally in Rochester since 1992. Java’s Cafe serves some of the best coffee in town. Their special combination of beans from Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia is precisely crafted for a perfectly balanced espresso shot. It also makes a fantastic cup of coffee, so go ahead and choose your own journey!

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