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Dallas, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Thryv Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: THRY), the provider of Thryv® software, the fully integrated end-to-end customer experience platform for growing small businesses, announces that its payment processing service ThryvPaySM, has become the largest payment processing option within the Thryv platform, both in terms of volume processed and number of transactions (as of May 2021).

“ThryvPay is popular with users with five popular payment processing options available within the Thryv platform,” said Ryan Cantor, VP of Product and Marketing at Thryv. “In fact, Thryv customers who have signed up for payment services within the software since early 2021 have opted for ThryvPay more than half the time. The other four payment options together make up the rest. ”

“The success of ThryvPay is in large part due to the close collaboration between our team and our customers,” continues Cantor. “Our service-based businesses needed a payment service that worked the way they do. They asked about the ability to schedule payments, add tips, and offer options to offset transaction fees, such as transparent, flat-rate credit card fees. We have also given them the opportunity to use ACH to collect payments, which is a huge savings for them. ”

In May, ThryvPay had a total processed volume of $ 5.5 million. This steadily increasing volume puts ThryvPay on the right track to deliver a $ 66 million annual payment processing platform within just over six months of its initial launch. Volume growth is being driven by both the increase in new dealer registrations and monthly processing growth from existing dealers.

Barry Gabster, CEO of InitiateU, said that using ThryvPay was effortless. “It’s easy and central to keep bills and payments in one place,” he said. “Customers can choose Credit or ACH and I don’t have to worry!”

ThryvPay also allows business owners to offer their customers installment payments, bespoke payment plans and membership programs. Thanks to ThryvPay’s partnership with Plaid for fraud prevention, users know that funds are available at the point of sale for ACH payments, which means no more checks are returned and there are no high fees for insufficient funds.

Following ThryvPay’s in-platform success, Thryv launched the standalone ThryvPay mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. The app enables any small business to take advantage of the core functionality of the payment processing service and provides a better customer experience by providing the ability to collect contactless payments that today’s consumers prefer.

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About Thryv Holdings, Inc.

The company owns the easy-to-use Thryv® end-to-end customer experience software, which is designed for small businesses and helps over 40,000 SaaS customers with their day-to-day business management needs. With Thryv, they can get the job, manage the job, and get loans. Thryv’s award-winning platform offers modernized business capabilities that enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster, and generate reviews. This includes building a digital customer database, automated marketing via email and text, updating business listings via the Internet, scheduling online appointments, sending notifications and reminders, managing ratings and reviews, and creating cost estimates and invoices as well as payment processing.

Thryv supports franchisees and multi-location business owners with Hub by Thryv ™, a software console that enables enterprise managers to monitor their operations using Thryv software.

Thryv also connects local businesses to consumer services through our search, display and social media management products, our tagged print directories, The Real Yellow Pages®, and our local search portals available at®, ® and. URLs are operated and reach around 35 million visitors a month. More information about the company can be found at

Thryv provides business services to more than 360,000 SMBs across America that enable them to compete and win in today’s economy.

On March 1, 2021, Thryv announced the completion of the acquisition of Sensis, Australia’s leading provider of digital, marketing and directory services, helping Australians find their way through its leading platforms, digital consumer stores (Yellow, White Pages, True Local and Whereis ) to connect and interact. , Search engine marketing and optimization services, website products, social, data and mapping solutions and through its digital agency Found. Sensis is also Australia’s largest publisher of printed directories, including the Yellow and White Pages.

Sensis is headquartered in Melbourne and has a presence in all states and territories across Australia.

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