The Warminster company is expanding its technological presence with a drone system

Warminster’s long history of aviation innovation, including preparing astronauts for space travel at the former Naval Air Development Center, recently took a new turn when Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation opened its third building in Bucks County, devoted to unmanned aerial vehicle development and theirs Systems is dedicated.

The 21,000-square-foot building on the Ivybrook Corporate Campus in neighboring Ivyland includes a series of offices to “house the engineers and technicians who design and implement the latest NASC innovations in unmanned flight,” said the company from its headquarters in Warminster . It also has multiple work areas large enough to house NASC’s Tiger Shark XP and Teros UAVs, as well as numerous ground control stations.

UAVs, better known as drones, have grown in size, deployment, and complexity in both the military and commercial sectors in recent years.

The building, named TDT Fenerty Technology Center, was recently inaugurated in memory of Thomas “TJ” Fenerty and Daniel Fenerty, the late sons of Company President / CEO Thomas Fenerty. Both of the younger Fenertys were instrumental in NASC’s global success, the company said.

“This building is an investment in NASC. More importantly, it’s an investment in NASC’s people, ”said Thomas Fenerty. “Your commitment and commitment to the growth of our company and the consolidation of our future have made this considerable expansion and further development possible.”

The center employs nearly 50 people, all of whom focus on NASC’s unmanned systems.

NASC, which has a long history of innovating for the Department of Defense, is now developing UAVs for research facilities and the commercial sector to carry a variety of payloads. Its website states that it is “engaged at all levels of research and development that lead to the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into national airspace”.

“NASC is a leader in unmanned technology. Staying at the top requires innovative thinking and the critical ability to take these ideas from concept to successful mission, ”said Bryan Hazlett, vice president of the section. “This new facility enables us to broaden our vision and turn new concepts into action.”

NASC also works with the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory at Mississippi State University, the Georgia Tech Research Institution, and the University of Maryland, which are among the leading educational institutions in the development of UAV technology.

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation's TDT Fenerty Technology Center is located on the Ivybrook Corporate Campus in Ivyland.

“This is such a fast moving industry,” said spokesman Kirk Zucal. “UAVs can be used to fight fires. They can provide food, water, and medicine to people stranded in remote locations. Rescue workers and utility companies use them to inspect buildings, power grids and infrastructure after natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. ”

The other NASC locations in Bucks include the headquarters on Street Road and a building that houses the company’s advanced acoustics and information technology areas, which is located on Louis Drive in Warminster. The company has eight other locations across the country and employs 200 people.

NASC has been in business since 1977.

The products, support and services “are currently in use in multiple operating rooms around the world”. These include UAS design, manufacturing and flight services, UAS ground control systems, anti-submarine defense technology, P-3 Orion flight training, advanced acoustics and sensor development, persistent surveillance systems services, biometrics, electronics, aerodynamics, systems engineering, and electrical engineering Support of optical combat systems and IT services.

Isabella Fenerty, daughter of the late Thomas B. Fenerty III and niece of the late Daniel Fenerty, hold a plaque in honor of her father and uncle at the ceremony at which the Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation's TDT Fenerty Technology Center was inaugurated in memory of the two Brothers.

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