The Sound on Sound Music Festival brings the community together – Connecticut by the numbers

The Sound on Sound music festival helps shine a spotlight on these nonprofits by promoting their missions and marketing the organizations’ importance.

“It’s a big deal because the other nonprofits are well-known charities. Adam J. Lewis is still small, even within Bridgeport,” said Neal Edelson, director of philanthropy and teacher development at Adam J. Lewis Academy. “It means a lot that we’re here. All those eyeballs and the ability to spread our message will be important to us.”

The school is slowly growing, having started as a pre-school with 13 students in 2013, the school has made tremendous progress and currently has almost 200 students. Now the school offers classes up to 5th grade and plans to expand classes up to 8th grade.

According to Edelson, Bridgeport’s education is among the worst in the state. An educational gap exists between Bridgeport and its neighbors in Fairfield County. Adam J. Lewis Academy works to bridge this gap and give students a chance to succeed.

According to Edelson, Adam J. Lewis Academy receives a portion of the Sound on Sound music festival’s gate profits. The school plans to use the proceeds in areas that need improvement. From their healthy nutritious lunches for students, the new breakfast program, the music department or the sports department, the money is well spent, officials said.

Faculty, including Edelson, from the school will be present in their own Adam J. Lewis bungalow. They are excited and can’t wait to celebrate all their hard work.

Edelson wants people to know that when they buy a ticket to the Sound on Sound music festival, they’re also donating to three great causes.

“It’s important to introduce people to philanthropy in general,” Edelson said.

The Sound on Sound music festival has more to offer than the music. To purchase tickets for the event use this link: Parking and shuttle information is also available.

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