The Microsoft Whiteboard Canvas app is getting an update; contains a new interface


On October 23rd, technology giant Microsoft released a revised version update 21.11004.108.0 for the Microsoft Whiteboard Canvas application today. Whiteboard Canvas is a lightsaber for creatives who create beautiful content.

This application allows users to write text, add a picture, sticky notes, or a note grid. Users can also add graphics to clearly demonstrate their goals – the whiteboard canvas application that supports access to the Microsoft 365 platform for collaborative editing by multiple people.

Recalling Microsoft’s previous announcement in September 2021, the company vowed to bring a unified experience across the Windows and iOS versions of this app. Microsoft has stated that the Windows and iOS versions of the new whiteboard app would provide many updates that would bring several improvements to templates, interfaces, shapes, and ink.

In addition, Whiteboard Canvas has been updated with a brand new user interface. The port offers input functions, including basic specifications, forms, texts and responses.

What seems exciting and refreshed is an independent ink enter button that comes with an updated version of the application that offers users to venture out with a variety of brushes to paint / draft designs, think from the inside, an arrow line drawing to the View direction and size of a dimension and an eraser options tool to erase your infinite creations.

In addition, the Whiteboard Canvas application also runs on Android platforms with over 2.5 billion users, and this application also offers a web version. Since then, Microsoft launched Whiteboard Canvas in September 2018; it has inspired creative users.

Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for iOS and commercial preview on the web.

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