The lack of veterinary care worsens after a fire destroyed the practice

CITY OF LOUISVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) — One thing the North needs is more vets. When the fire destroyed the veterinary practice outside of Massena, it didn’t help.

The vet Dr. Wilfredo Perez lost his Java’s Veterinary Center on State Route 56 in the city of Louisville when a fire swept through the building, killing two dogs inside. dr Perez says he fled the building with several other dogs.

There aren’t many vets in St. Lawrence County and Dr. Perez knows clients will have a hard time finding a doctor.

“It’s really sad that it all happened the way it did. Now the Nordland has no other place to take its pets,” he said.

There are actually a few other places in the county. One of them is the Canton Animal Clinic. The country’s head of medical services, Fawn Clark, says the loss of the Java Veterinary Center is compounding the ongoing shortage of vets.

“It is extremely devastating to the community. It was an unfortunate impact. We, you know, both locally and nationally, are in dire need and in high demand. We’re doing our best to support that,” she said.

dr Perez said he didn’t have insurance on the building and now needs more than $1 million to rebuild the facility.

Java’s website tells customers that the practice is doing everything in its power to continue providing the best veterinary care to its customers.

“We will soon be opening in full force and full service with the idea of ​​rebuilding the building back in place in a couple of years,” said Dr. Perez.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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