The Hg Foundation supports Merit America to help low-wage workers access tech careers

“This is the Hg Foundation’s second partnership in The United States and we’re excited to help people across the country find fulfilling careers in the technology sector,” he said Gero Witteman, Trustee of the Hg Foundation. “The Hg Foundation is focused on measurable, long-term, and scalable interventions, and Merit America’s program is closely aligned with those goals. Together, we have an opportunity to meaningfully scale Merit America’s work to help many more people Breaking down barriers to careers in technology.”

research out [email protected] suggests that more than 70 million Americans without a college degree have the skills to succeed in higher-paying careers but are often overlooked by employers. For many workers seeking opportunities for economic mobility, obstacles such as rising college tuition and inflexible schedules — which disproportionately affect communities of color — often stand in the way of continuing education and training.

Designed to meet this challenge by building new avenues for job mobility at scale, Merit America offers short, hands-on, and comprehensive training programs consisting of technical training, career coaching, interview preparation, resume building, and job placement . The partnership between Merit America and The Hg Foundation will support Merit America’s data and assessment program, enhancing its data and analytics capabilities and conducting an external assessment study to assess and optimize the impact of the organization’s work.

“We know that by combining quality education with intensive coaching and support, it is possible to drive transformative wage increases for workers at scale,” he said Rebecca Taber Staehelin, Co-CEO of Merit America. “This partnership will allow us to draw on the analytical expertise of the Hg Foundation while providing significant investments so we can effectively scale our programs.”

The Hg Foundation was founded in 2020 with the aim of influencing the development of the skills most needed for employment in the technology industry and focusing on individuals who may otherwise experience barriers to entry. The Hg Foundation is supported by Hga leading software and services investor.

About MeritAmerica:

Merit America envisions a world where everyone can advance their lives based on merit, not money, by providing low-wage workers a path to desirable careers, family-supporting wages and opportunities for continued advancement. With program offerings in Java, IT support and data analysis, our fast and flexible programs combine on-demand online learning with intensive coaching and peer support.

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About the Hg Foundation:

The Hg Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a defined focus on education and technology. Our goal is to support those who might otherwise experience barriers to entry in acquiring skills that are often required for employment in the technology industry. We aim to achieve this by providing funding and operational support to charitable programs and partnerships across the UK. United States of America and Europe where we can make a measurable, long-term and scalable impact and make a difference for those who need it most.

These partnerships include Educational Opportunity Sponsors SEO tech developer program in United States of America; a partnership with Imperial College London Provision of a variety of interventions for Higher Mathematics graduates; a partnership with The Technical University of Munich to support the MINT education of young women in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT) through tailor-made courses in rural Bavarian schools; upReachs Tech500 program which aims to support 500 students from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to secure graduate jobs in the technology sector; generation Franceis new technology-oriented partnershipHelping unemployed and underemployed people pursue life-changing careers in tech in France; and The Tutor Trustwhich is testing a pilot hybrid online/offline tutoring program to support interventions under the UK National Tutoring Program. The Hg Foundation is a Registered Charity No. 1189216.

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