The Epic Games Store and the Amazon Appstore are coming to the Microsoft Store soon


The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 has made great strides in getting developer and app support lately. This is mainly because the storefront is now open to all applications, regardless of the framework or technology with which they were developed. This essentially means that developers can publish Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java and Progressive Web Apps directly to the storefront and are responsible for the update mechanism. We recently saw PowerToys, Microsoft Edge, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code all find their way into the digital storefront.

Microsoft has now published a blog post Announce third-party support, who say hundreds of developers signed up for preview to bring desktop apps to the Microsoft Store. Prominent examples of this are Discord, TeamViewer, LibreOffice, Zoom, VLC, Wikipedia, Reddit and more.

Today the company is making a major change to its policy to include third-party app stores in the Microsoft Store. This makes sense as we already know that Android app support on Windows is coming through the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft has announced that the Epic Games Store will also find its way into the Microsoft Store in the coming months. While the Amazon Appstore will not be available at the time of Windows 11’s staggered general availability on October 5th, the company has announced that it will be available “soon” in preview.

Finally, Opera and Yandex browsers were announced as two new browsers available through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft’s commitment to opening its storefront to all types of apps is likely to encourage more developers to roll over their applications to the offering. It’s also important to note that the Redmond-based tech giant doesn’t deduct any revenue if a developer uses a third-party trading system instead of the standard system offered by Microsoft.

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