Tempest helps target organizations plant their “little flags on the web”.

storm has urged you to book these tickets for your next vacation. And yes, without you realizing it was them.

At least, that’s the goal of the company’s Integrated Marketing team. Center City-based Tempest is a destination marketing company, which means they help tourism agencies and visitor bureaus across North America attract tourists. Tempest supports more than 200 locations in the US.

Tempest takes a twofold approach: First, the in-house, cloud-based CRM system. Second, the marketing team’s designers, web developers, and SEO specialists whose work will make you want to visit one of Tempest’s client destinations.

“It’s a really cool field because you basically tell everyone to go on vacation all the time,” he said LesJohnson, art director at Tempest. Before joining Tempest in October 2021, she worked at Visit Phillythe city’s own tourism agency, for about seven years.

LesJohnson. (Photo courtesy)

Johnson designs websites for Tempest’s clients. She views the user interfaces she creates, which are then brought to life by the talented development team, as a “little web flag” for each travel destination.

New projects typically begin with a trip to the site itself so Johnson can design something that embodies its look and feel. A 2013 University of the Arts Alum, Johnson said her previous design experience helps her “take the spirit of a place and translate it into an authentic online representation of the community.”

For example, a trip to Olympia, Washington, inspired Johnson to highlight the destination’s tall trees and surrounding Puget Sound on the destination’s website. Now the website development team creates the user experience that brings Johnson’s designs to life for web visitors.

“We want you to get at least a little bit of a sense of the community you’re going to be visiting, because that’s one of the reasons it’s so nice to go somewhere else,” she said. “That way, you start dreaming about where you’re going and what you’ll experience once you get there.”

While Johnson designs clients’ websites, Ivan Yap As an SEO Analyst at Tempest, helps drive web traffic to the websites.

Use Google Analytics, aHrefs, and other analytics tools, Yap provides key insights into search trends, giving Tempest’s content development team the guidance they need to write optimal title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and the common search queries people type when they looking for a specific page? site. He sees his job as identifying the building blocks of a high-traffic website.

When Yap graduated Temple University Coming in 2021 with an MIS degree, he never expected his first post-graduate job to be in the tourism industry.

“I knew nothing about destination marketing organizations,” Yap said. “But analyzing travel research trends online gives me the opportunity to help our clients develop content that delivers the important information so travelers have the best experience during their trip.”

Ivan Yap. (Photo courtesy)

Yap joined Tempest in October 2021 and quickly realized how well the technology integrated with the tourism industry. When booking a trip, people are likely to interact with the Internet at every step: searching for a travel destination, visiting a travel agency’s website for more information, booking flights and accommodation.

“A lot of industries that we’re seeing today, whether it’s finance or healthcare, are shifting to the technology side of things,” Yap said. “We do that here. We are the tech community powering some of these hospitality and tourism industries.”

Tempest’s team made it easy for Yap to adjust to an unfamiliar industry. Fellow Integrated Marketing team members were always ready to answer his questions about ongoing projects, he said. Some colleagues have helped him with personal matters, such as sending out rental offers, when they knew Yap was about to move.

The informal, friendly work environment at Tempest was also a plus for Johnson. She enjoys the weekly team-wide lunches that Tempest hosts every Tuesday.

Another benefit of working with Tempest’s integrated marketing team? Johnson said everyone is pretty chilled – which is to be expected of a company that tells you to take a trip and put your feet up.

“There’s a lot of things that we do here, so there’s a lot of places that people can fit in,” Johnson said. “But I’m pretty laid back and I think most people here are too. That type of person would just thrive here. It is really nice to work on exciting projects with like-minded people.”

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