Surprise: Gmail is redesigning its web interface, what will it look like?

The most widely used free webmail client today is Gmail. Google’s service offers a plethora of options, but to date, its user interface isn’t exactly the friendliest out there. Well, the Mountain View company is known to employ a message that greatly improves them. Without losing the “scent” of previous versions, so that everything is very familiar – a clear example is that the main menu remains in the left pane – Google has taken the recently announced step of changing the appearance of one of their best tools. The hint from the company itself is that this interface is a new integrated version of all the options of Gmail (and that there are quite a few, it must be said). The big changes One of the improvements that is included and that will surely be the most useful for users is that switching between the different tools that exist in the mail client is now much easier. Therefore, using the chat or Meets is much more intuitive (even now, if you hover over the icons, you’ll see a preview of what you’ll find). Another major improvement is that the design is much cleaner as there are more spaces between different sections of the Gmail web. By the way, to enable this feature you have to agree to each of the services and then you have the option to manually decide if you want to use the previews. Otherwise, you cannot use them by default. A good decision by Google, since the user has the last word here. Another innovation is that in the upper right part there is an element that allows you to know the status of the email client. This way you can tell if you are having connection problems or if you have something to check between the services present in the client. This is something that will certainly become very important in everyday life. Deployment of the new version Officially it has already started, but at the moment the official activation is going a little slow, because it should not be forgotten that there are millions of users who use the Gmail web client. Therefore, you have no choice but to be patient to enjoy all the news that we have given. >

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