Strategic Power Projects receives connection offer for the Louth solar and battery project

Irish renewable energy company Strategic Power Projects has received a grid connection offer for the development of a new 185 megawatt (MW) hybrid solar and battery storage project in Co Louth.

The project, which is located outside Dundalk near Monvallet next to the interconnector, was the largest single project on Eirgrid’s latest ECP (Enduring Connection Policy) list.

It was approved by Louth County Council in September. The 60 hectare site will generate 50 MW of green electricity when fully operational.

It also includes one of the largest 135 MW battery storage systems, which will provide system services and security of supply to the grid after system failure warnings in Ireland “recently went off an alarm,” the company said.

The company also led the development of a similar hybrid system in Garr, Co. Offaly, with a capacity of 135 MW.

Managing Director Paul Carson said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome at Monvallet and are working closely with all stakeholders, including Eirgrid and ESB, to ensure the transparency of our long-term approach and a thorough understanding of what these solar and energy sources are all about Battery systems will achieve assets for a better, cleaner future in Ireland. “


Strategic Power is investing 1 billion euros in 16 projects that can supply an estimated 630,000 households with electricity.

The company confirmed last month that it has partnered with alternative asset manager Gresham House to build solar power and battery storage across Ireland.

Strategic Power’s 16 projects include solar energy, battery storage and biogas (gas obtained from organic waste). While solar cells convert solar energy into electricity, the battery storage enables a more uniform energy supply.

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