Redpanda brings the fastest and most resource-efficient Apache Kafka® API to the cloud

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Today at his Red panda open house Conference, streaming data pioneer Red panda launched the general availability of its Redpanda Cloud Managed Service. Redpanda Cloud delivers 10x faster tail latencies than other streaming data platforms and easily scales to tens of gigabytes per second. Redpanda Cloud comes complete with developer tools, connectors, and SOC 2 Type 1 certification required to run mission-critical Kafka workloads at scale, and also features an innovative cloud-first storage capability that significantly reduces data storage costs.

“At Redpanda, our sole concern was to solve the limitations of traditional streaming data platforms,” ​​said Alex Gallego, Founder and CEO of Redpanda. “We started by reducing the complexity of these distributed systems and then addressed the inconsistent performance that plagues Java-based approaches. With our new cloud-first storage, we solved the high cost that was perhaps the biggest barrier to streaming data adoption. Now, with Redpanda Cloud, we are bringing all of our innovations together in an easy-to-use, fully-managed cloud service that is both faster and more cost-effective for high-throughput use cases.”

Redpanda Cloud makes it easy to comply with data sovereignty laws and compliance regulations. It offers a unique Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment option where Redpanda runs in the customer’s own VPC and is managed remotely by Redpanda support teams. This ensures that the customer’s data and the underlying security data are not stored in a Redpanda infrastructure.

With a few clicks, users can deploy Kafka API-compliant Redpanda clusters in their own cloud accounts or in a dedicated Redpanda environment with cloud providers of their choice.

“As early adopters, we chose Redpanda Cloud for three important reasons: it gives us by far the best Kafka API performance, it has all the features we need, and it keeps our costs under control,” said Jordi Miró Bruix , CTO of The Hotels Network . “Now we look forward to all the additional features that we will get with the GA version of Redpanda Cloud.”

Key benefits of the Redpanda Cloud include:

  • Fully Managed: As a zero-operations cloud for Kafka workloads, Redpanda takes care of resource automation, patching, performance monitoring, and cluster maintenance, allowing development teams to focus on building their applications and data pipelines instead.
  • 10x faster: Based on red pandas high performance Streaming data platform, Redpanda Cloud instances deliver predictable tail latencies that are at least 10x faster than Apache Kafka, even as workloads scale to gigabytes of data per second.
  • Data sovereignty and SOC 2 Type 1 compliance: Redpanda Cloud uses a privacy-preserving architecture that makes it easy to create streaming data clusters that comply with data sovereignty laws and compliance regulations.
  • Integrated Redpanda Console: Redpanda Cloud eliminates development bottlenecks by integrating the capabilities of its popular developer console directly into the cloud experience.
  • Built-in, fully managed connectors: Redpanda Cloud includes built-in connectors and manages them entirely within the cloud experience.
  • Unlimited data retention with tiered storage: Users can store petabytes of data more cost-effectively by leveraging built-in data tiering capabilities that support unlimited data storage without sacrificing read performance.

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Redpanda 2022.3 introduces a cloud-first approach to storage

The company also announced today the release of Redpanda 2022.3. This latest release separates compute and storage by making cloud object storage the default storage for all streaming data, including compressed themes, and unifies data retention controls, allowing administrators and application developers to apply standard Kafka data retention properties to customize data retention behavior.

Behind the scenes, the Redpanda platform intelligently manages data archiving, uses read-ahead caching and bulk transfers to protect latency, and uses two-tier indexing to maintain optimal performance at scale and access unlimited data storage without Complexity and without disruption to allow bank.

Redpanda’s cloud-first approach continues for cloud storage, even actively used themes that are fully self-contained and portable, and makes the data available for features like tiered storage. Remote Read Replicas and disaster recovery—even if the original source cluster is no longer running. Cloud-first storage will also help future-proof system resources by enabling advanced use cases such as migrating to other clouds and supporting new downstream applications.

Redpanda 2022.3 also brings general availability transactions with a 10x throughput improvement, multi-AZ self-healing data balancing, and unified security across all Redpanda endpoints.

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About Redpanda

Redpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. API-compatible with Apache Kafka, Redpanda introduces a breakthrough architecture and features that make it a simple, fast, reliable, and unified recording engine for real-time and historical enterprise data. Innovators like Lacework, Jump Trading, Vodafone, Moody’s, Hotels Network and Alpaca rely on Redpanda to process hundreds of terabytes of data every day. Backed by leading venture investors Lightspeed, GV and Haystack VC, Redpanda is a diverse, people-centric organization with teams located around the world. To learn more, visit our website at and keep following us Twitter at @redpandadata.

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