Reddit users claim that most apps need a new tablet interface


Sidebars have been around on websites for as long as we can remember. A lot has changed on that front, however, and many versions of the sidebars have made it to various websites over the years. Sites that have come with a compressed version of the sidebar include Google Play Music, YouTube, Hangouts, and Gmail. A few months ago, the Cali-based search engine company made the wise decision to include it in their Material Design guidelines and rename it Navigation Rail. One of the main applications of this navigation rail thrilled the fans, as it promised that it would be included in the Android apps Use tablet layouts.

Navigation Rails has become widespread since its inception, and users stumble upon these rails on a variety of Google websites. The main idea behind the rails was to provide easy access to the most important top-level targets of an app or even a website.

With that in mind, the navigation bars acted as the bottom bar that we see on small screens on various websites. The thing about small screens, however, is that navigating a website on them is mostly not a problem. But it seems like YouTube urgently needs to update its app on tablets and introduce a new user interface for it.

That YouTube app Different tablets become difficult to navigate, especially when they are in landscape mode. A number of Reddit users commented on a thread on the difficulty they faced in accessing the bottom navigation buttons of their YouTube apps for tablets. Perhaps it would be enough to include navigation rails in the tablet app, as the navigation rails help create a smooth transition between mobile and desktop experiences.

Under the aptly titled discussion thread “Which app urgently needs a tablet surface”, Reddit users announced that not only YouTube, but also Firefox, Instagram and Discord urgently need a tablet surface to make it easier to use tablets.

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