Raisonance Ride7 adds Java debugger for new IoTize JVM

Montbonnot-St-Martin, France, September 25, 2021 – (PR.com) – Today IoTize SAS and their Raisonance development tool team announced the availability of a free Ride7 toolset (RKIT-JVM) for Java debugging . The toolset is released to provide IoTize Duetware JVM users with a professional IDE for Java coding, compilation and debugging.

Raisonance Ride7 is a proven software environment recognized by embedded system developers working with industry leading architectures such as Cortex M (STM32). Ride7 users benefit from proven features including:

Integrated Java Toolset (RKit-JVM)
– project manager
– Java execution and debugging in the simulator (on the PC) or in the circuit (on TapNLink)
– Code editor for syntax highlighting
– Line breakpoints & breakpoint viewer
– Code stepping
– Context storage

“Our Duetware JVM is a powerful feature and a perfect complement to the plug-and-play approach of Duetware’s lwM2M engine. Users can process data and even control external components with very little Java code, ”said Francis Lamotte, President of IoTize. “To get the most out of the JVM, you need to provide the tools to help users write and debug their Java code – Raisonance Ride7 is a great IDE that is recognized worldwide for its longstanding support for the STM32 community,” said Francis Lamotte.

The Ride7 and the Raisonance Java Toolset (RKit-JVM) are already available for free download from the Raisonance Support website. This tool release supports the latest version of the IoTize JVM.

The latest IoTize JVM is now available via firmware update for TapNLink, TapNPass and Tapioca products that use the ESP32-based wireless module from IoTize (with NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi) and the NFC-only -Modules (TnL-FIT203) from IoTize included.

The IoTize Primer (TnL-PRIMER-NBW) have the new JVM and are available to users worldwide via IoTize, Elektor and authorized distributors.

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