Promoting Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Through Inclusive Innovation: What’s New for Microsoft 365 Accessibility for Summer 2022

Get better control over time and tasks

Tools that promote a sense of control over time and tasks can help reduce anxiety, promote better work-life balance, and reduce the likelihood of burnout. In previous editions of this blog, we highlighted some of the ways that Microsoft 365 Tools can help users manage their time more effectively – for example: by signing up for a Focus plan or relax your mind wwith a headspace meditation in Microsoft Viva Insights.

In recent months we’ve continued to innovate in this area, with improvements in Outlook, Teams and Viva Insights. In Outlook now you can Pin important messages at the top of your inbox or Drag and drop email messages onto your to-do list as tasks to ensure important messages don’t fall through the cracks. To capture stray thoughts, you can now use the Teams Chat with Yourself feature. to send yourself notes, messages, files and pictures or videos so you can keep everything in one place to keep track of or transfer to your to-do list. And you can now access a curated series of guided meditations from Headspace in Viva Insights four additional languages: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Notice to our government customers

We are also pleased to announce that the following Microsoft 365 capabilities, all currently available to Microsoft commercial customers in multi-tenant cloud environments, are now also available for Microsoft 365 GCC, GCC-High and/or Department of Defense Customers (DoD) as noted:

Microsoft Teams

  • Live Captions in Meetings for VDI – VMWare (GCC)
  • Live Captions in Meetings for VDI – Citrix (GCC)
  • Multi-window support for VDI – AVD, Windows 365, Citrix (GCC/GCC-H)
  • Adjust chat density settings (GCC/GCC-H/DoD)
  • Chat with yourself (GCC/GCC-H/DoD)
  • Anonymous meeting join across clouds (GCC/GCC-H/DoD)
  • Live transcript for meetings on VDI (AVD) (GCC/GCC-H)
  • Suggested replies on mobile (GCC/GCC-H/DoD)
  • Together mode on VDI (GCC-H)
  • Presenter mode: controls to move and resize the presenter video (GCC-H/DoD)
  • CART closed captioning in meetings (desktop) (GCC-H)
  • Together mode on the web (GCC-H/DoD)
  • New default for Teams notification style (DoD)

Microsoft Stream

  • Add or edit captions and transcripts for a video in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business (GCC/GCC-H/DoD)

Microsoft Viva

  • Briefing email from Microsoft Viva (GCC)
  • Viva Insights app in Teams (GCC)

Help shape the future of Microsoft 365 accessibility

Our commitment to accessibility is based on input from our customers and employees with disabilities – and fuels exciting new work at Microsoft. On 12th annual Microsoft Ability Summit in May, We celebrated a new and expanded Inclusive Tech Lab and introduced adaptive accessories from Microsoft designed to give people with disabilities better access to technology. This adaptive accessory is designed to support anyone who has difficulty using a traditional mouse or keyboard. Users can use these accessories to create their own custom setup wherever they choose to work. Watch videos from the Ability Summit on-demand.

Ensuring that our products enable everyone to connect, communicate and contribute is at the core of Microsoft’s mission, and we are committed to continuous improvement in this area. And by far our most important guide on this path is the feedback from you, our customers. You can always reach us directly in the Microsoft 365 Apps you already use: just go to the File menu and select Feedback, then Send Suggestion and paste the #Accessibility tag.

If you have a disability and need technical assistance with a Microsoft product, you can use theAnswering machine for the disabled(DAD) can assist you via phone (800-936-5900) or chat. We also have an ASL option for our deaf or hard of hearing customers in the US (+1.503.427.1234) as well as video support via thebe my eyesapartment Corporate customers can also contact theEnterprise Disability Answer Desk(eDAD) with questions about accessibility features, product compliance, and assistive technologies.

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