Postalytics® introduces the first free direct mail automation marketing software in Canada

  • Canada Post welcomes innovation in the Canadian market and says it will benefit business
  • The leading American company Postalytics® is expanding into Canada due to strong customer demand
  • New Marketing Tools Bringing Direct Mail into the Digital Age in Canada
  • Businesses can now automate the creation, sending, and tracking of direct mail with innovative software that has just been launched in Canada.

Postalytics®, the leading American software company for the automation of direct mail, today announced its launch in the Canadian market. The innovative software is intended to bring “direct mail into the digital age”.

Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, believes it will be a game changer for Canadian companies how to engage customers and increase response rates.

“We are excited to introduce the first free automation tool to the Canadian market. We have seen customers increase their email and digital marketing campaign response rates by up to 500%, and we hope our Canadian customers will see similar results. “

The breakthrough direct mail automation software tool is fully integrated with Canada Post Personalized Mail ™ and includes integrations with HubSpot®, Salesforce® and Zapier®.

It integrates free direct mail personalization and response tracking tools like variable data, dynamic content, personalized QR codes and URLs, another first in Canada.

Janet Brearton, General Manager – Business Products and Experiences at Canada Post, welcomed the news and the opportunity to partner with Postalytics®.

“Canada Post is always interested in working with innovative companies, and we believe the Postalytics tool will give companies across Canada more options. The integration with Canada Post Personalized Mail ™ is seamless and will greatly benefit marketers. “

Canada is the first market for Postalytics® outside of the United States, and Kelly said the move is based on increasing demand.

“Postalytics has seen a significant increase in companies looking to offer our services in Canada. Canadian companies have invested heavily in CRM, marketing automation and other marketing technologies, which makes it natural for them to use a fully automated direct mail marketing system like Postalytics.

Canada Post was a great partner for our start in Canada and we are excited to be able to present our innovative technology to Canadian companies for the first time. ”

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