Police issue few tickets under the new drug decriminalization law; Most people ignore court, hotline


Josephine County is one of the few communities where the police have adapted to the new system and tops the list of most tickets. Southern Oregon County’s stats are controlled by the Grants Pass Police Department, which, according to the agency, has issued about 250 tickets to date. Grants Pass Capt. Todd Moran, shown here, said about 35 people in the working class town of nearly 40,000 people have received multiple quotes. People who get the tickets generally know that if they don’t follow up, they will have no consequences, Moran said. “You give them the quote and they’re gone,” he said.

GRANTS PASS – Nine months after the nation’s first experiment of its kind to decriminalize hard drugs, the new approach has done little to connect people with treatment, even if statistics show the state is well on its way to finding one Record for opiate -related overdose deaths.

Since Act 110 went into effect in February, drug arrests across Oregon have dropped from a daily average of about 1,200 to 200. This year’s arrests typically involve dealer crowds, state officials said.

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