PLN is building 27 charging stations for electric vehicles in tourist destinations

We stand ready to support green tourism in Indonesia by preparing the electricity infrastructure and this can also serve as an opportunity to promote the importance of electric vehicle transition

Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-owned electric company PT PLN has built 27 public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, known locally as SPKLU, in a number of tourist destinations to help develop green tourism.

Haryanto WS, business director of PLN for Java, Madura and Bali regions, said there are five leading tourist destinations where the electric vehicle charging stations have been built, namely Borobudur Temple area, Prambanan Temple area, Bali, Lombok and Labuan Bajo.

“We stand ready to support green tourism in Indonesia by preparing power infrastructure and it can also serve as an opportunity to promote the importance of electric vehicle transition,” he said in a statement here on Sunday.

PLN has built many electric vehicle charging stations as part of its support to accelerate Indonesia’s clean energy transition.

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Haryanto pointed out that the deployment of SPKLU is one of PLN’s efforts to boost the development of the country’s electric vehicle ecosystem.

According to him, it is expected that the use of electric vehicles for tourism purposes, connecting the main tourist points such as airports, hotels and tourist attractions, will help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

“Currently, we are preparing the SPKLU network to support electric vehicle presence in several other tourist destinations, namely Lake Toba, Likupang and Mandalika, which are scheduled to be completed in October 2022,” he shared.

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The President of the PLN, Director Darmawan Prasodjo, assessed that the presence of the SPKLU is essential in the future due to the transition to electric vehicles.

He claimed that using electricity in the transport sector has more benefits in terms of costs and emission levels.

“PLN is ready to provide an abundant and clean power supply of electricity to encourage massive growth of this electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. It is time for a shift from fossil energy to clean and abundant energy in Indonesia,” Prasodjo noted.

In addition to the charging stations, PT PLN also offers home charging services with a 30 percent discount for charging at the customer’s home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The company has also set up public electric vehicle battery swapping stations or SPBKLU for two-wheelers.

In order to make it easier for customers to find the nearest charging stations, PLN has added the electric vehicle function to the PLN Mobile application.

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