Per Vices Chestnut Software Defined Radio for advanced wireless applications


Chestnut Software Defined Radio from Per Vices

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, Nov. 1, 2021 / – Per Vices Corporation, an industry leader in the development and integration of COTS Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions, announced the release of Chestnut, a high-performance SDR for wireless applications. Chestnut offers the perfect balance between performance and cost with the added benefit of being designed for easy integration.

Chestnut offers a 4-receive and 4-transmit radio chain architecture, with each radio chain being controlled independently while maintaining phase coherence for applications that require this functionality. Each radio chain also offers 500 MHz RF bandwidth, resulting in an impressive 2 GHz RF bandwidth coverage when all chains are activated. The tuning range from near DC to 9 GHz also enables these radio chains to be used for a variety of applications that require wide operating frequencies.

Chestnut is operated by an Intel FPGA SoC and includes separate interfaces for management and data. The management interface includes two 1G ports that enable full redundancy, while the two qSFP + ports offer 100 Gbit / s data transfer per port, with the SDR able to support up to 200 Gbit / s transfers in total. The internal, highly stable, oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) offers fantastic performance while maintaining the flexibility to accept an external 10 MHz source or use the built-in OCXO to synchronize multiple devices. The flexibility continues with the compact 19-inch 2U form factor, native web interface and UHD compatibility ex works.

This new addition opens up a wide range of applications in wireless communications, spectrum monitoring, signal intelligence, and phased arrays. With Chestnut, users can prototype and test differential communications, use the platform for spectrum monitoring, record and playback, phased array applications, and much more with a low entry cost.

“We are very excited to add Chestnut to our family of high performance SDR products. Chestnut gives customers another option in choosing the highest performing SDRs they need to meet their needs while leveraging our extensive integration experience. ”Brandon Malatest, COO

In addition to its range of SDR products, Cyan and Crimson TNG, Per Vices has extensive integration experience and works with its customers to seamlessly integrate wireless platforms into their systems and networks. With a proven track record of deploying, operating and high-performance SDR systems, Per Vices stands out as a top performer in the software-defined market.

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Per Vices, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a leading innovator and integrator of RF and digital systems serving multiple industries with wireless communication solutions. Per Vices is an industry leader in the development, deployment and integration of high-performance, software-defined radio platforms with the highest bandwidth and custom design to support a wide variety of applications in Defense, Civil, Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications, Low Latency Networking, Global Positioning (GPS / GNSS), Radar, Test & Measurement, Spectrum Monitoring and Broadcasting & Wireless Management. Provides low cost inventory products, rapid custom development, and full integration support to meet custom modifications and project requirements.

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