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MEADVILLE, Pa., September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – In Meadville, Pennsylvania, Optical filters United States of America is known as the world leader in display filter technology; Manufacture of improved glass covers for electronic displays and enclosures using state-of-the-art equipment. Now they have successfully replaced their old Sage accounting system with the new Cloud-Cetec ERP production and accounting business platform to meet the growing demand for their product.

Optical Filters has been since the company’s inception in 1988 United States of America used a mix of accounting software and spreadsheets, which ultimately resulted in employees wasting a lot of time and money over time simply trying to look up information. Optical filters United States of America was looking for a cloud-based ERP software system that could bring their manufacturing, inventory and accounting needs together into a single unified process. In particular, they were looking for better visibility of both order progress and stock status.

“We wanted an ERP system with better functionality, a more modern interface and fewer clicks,” explains Nicola Dent, President of Optical Filters United States of America, “It was also a factor in staying inexpensive.”

The Cetec ERP platform specializes in solving the order tracking and scheduling problems that growing companies like Optical Filters United States of America in some race. After examining three different ERP systems for possible implementation, optical filters United States of America found that Cetec ERP ticked most of the boxes and was able to meet their key requirements.

By running their old system and the Cetec ERP system in parallel for only a quarter, Optical Filters United States of America could discover gaps in their inventory. After another month of operation and monitoring of both systems, both the back office and the Optical Filters workshop United States of America could go completely live on the Cetec ERP system. This is noteworthy as most other monolithic ERP systems like Oracle can take almost a full year (including months of training) to implement.

Due to the Cetec ERP integration, optical filters United States of America now run more efficiently and make decisions based on accurate, real-time information that will help them expand and thrive in a competitive industry. They were able to establish better inventory control and gross margin reporting and understanding of waste. You are satisfied with the progress made so far and hope for further improvements in all areas of your company.

“Once we have more data / history in the system, we will be able to do a very detailed gross margin analysis by product group. This will provide invaluable information for strategic planning of the product mix and markets.” – Nicola Dent, President of Optical Filters United States of America.

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