OpenJ9 v0.33 released for Eclipse’s high-performance JVM

OpenJ9 v0.33 was released on Friday as the latest version of this Eclipse Foundation Java Virtual Machine (JVM) formerly developed by IBM.

With version 0.33, the OpenJ9 just-in-time server function “JITServer” adds optional caching of Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compiled methods on the server. The AOT cache is said to improve CPU usage and can be enabled with the new one -XX:+JITServerUseAOTCache Possibility.

Friday’s new release also sets OpenJ9’s maximum number of JIT compilation threads to 15 from a previous limit of 7. Alternatively, the JIT compilation threads can be set manually via -XcompilationThreads command line option. Another change worth noting is that the default operating stack size on 64-bit platforms has been increased from 256 KB to 512 KB to better accommodate vector support.

In the meantime, the Linux reference builds are now made using GCC 10.3 instead of GCC 7.5 as previously used. This is a big leap forward for the Linux reference compiler builds and will hopefully lead to some performance optimizations and other improvements.

OpenJ9 0.33 adds “cgroups v2” support in cgroups version 2 Linux control and also introduced OpenSSL 3.0.x compatibility.

OpenJ9 0.33 supports targeting OpenJDK 8, 11, 17 and 18 versions. Downloads and more details about OpenJ9 0.33 via GitHub and

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