NFTICALLY unveils new logo and strengthens UI with eye-catching new features

Firstly, a new feature has been introduced for NFT marketplace owners that allows for a “custom redirect to navigate the logo link”. This feature allows NFT Marketplace owners to add a custom link to their company’s logo to navigate to a specific page or website.

Aside from that, NF TABLE has also introduced the flexibility to select wallet options for all NFT marketplaces on both desktop and mobile devices for an enhanced experience.

“NFTICALLY believes in becoming the pillar for its marketplace owners, users and visitors. With the redesign of the logo and the addition of new features, NF TABLE trying to help all of its stakeholders,” said Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO of NFTICALLY.

“Our goal is to further establish the company’s identity as an industry leader in our ecosystem. The new logo will help perfectly define the company’s vision and current scope of services, as well as signal future growth plans for all stakeholders,‘ Sharma adds.

NFTICALLY has introduced new features “Show Top Collections” and “Show Top Sellers” to attract visitors’ attention to showcase the best selling NFTs on the homepage. To make it user-centric, NFTICALLY has also introduced a show/hide and browse by category feature option for NFT marketplaces homepage. This feature is being introduced to improve visitors’ browsing experience.

Over a period of 8 months, NF TABLE has facilitated over 21,000 NFTs and over 8.5,000 listed deals from more than 50 countries around the world; is seeing about 138% monthly growth in its users. That number offsets one of the fastest growth rates of any platform worldwide.


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