mWtech and Flowgear work together to achieve the best integration


mWtech, a pioneer in the integration and expansion of modern hybrid, mainframe and legacy systems in modern cloud environments, has added another important function to its range of services. Working with Flowgear, a pioneering South African integration platform provider, mWtech is improving its integration deliveries in hybrid environments through cloud-native tools.

“Large integration companies try to train their customers to network their different business systems, but sometimes this is a challenge,” says Leonard Solomyak, Principal Software Engineer at mWtech. “To build and maintain a wealth of capabilities, you need middleware infrastructure services, while integration via the cloud speeds up the process.”

Instead of replacing extremely valuable digital investments, mWtech offers its customers the best of both worlds. Investments in legacy systems and capabilities remain relevant, while other users are given access via state-of-the-art cloud and web interfaces – without annoying and expensive big bang transformation overheads.

“In order to offer real integration, the provider has to provide a focused professional integration service. Flowgear offers a comprehensive cloud-based toolkit available from the cloud, ”adds Solomyak.

mWtech specializes in integrating legacy systems into modern hybrid environments and expanding capabilities without undoing the carefully built and maintained systems that companies have relied on for years.

By working with Flowgear, mWtech offers a number of additional benefits to the growing list of satisfied major customers:

  • Highly concentrated professional integration service;
  • Cloud-native tools and integration that can be quickly deployed and scaled;
  • Low risk and easy setup with a trial license;
  • Hundreds of existing APIs and connectors for various vendor products, including databases;
  • Custom API and connector development if required;
  • Use the resources and services of the Flowgear Cloud instance in a hybrid environment;
  • Easy to learn and significantly reduces the need for further training;
  • Familiar with users of Software AG’s webMethods or IBM’s Message Broker;
  • Includes service integration and desktop automation;
  • Web interfaces provide clear configuration, development and monitoring consoles; and
  • Implement ad hoc and scheduled integrations with small footprint in your environment.

If the integration has been too complicated, expensive or simply impractical, you will be pleasantly surprised by the advantages of mWtech and Flowgear. With extensive experience in modernizing core mainframe applications, mWtech creates web endpoints for core applications. The workflows on the Flowgear integration hub consume these and other business and technical services of the company and connect local adapters to the integration fabric.

Convince yourself of this value: mWtech offers free proof of concept with the Flowgear test contract. Contact mWtech for a free demo tailored to your specific needs and see this remarkable integration platform in action, even with the toughest integration use cases.

With Flowgear, the advanced integration platform as a service, and the professional services for the integration of mainframe core applications from mWtech, you can achieve your modernization and digital transformation goals faster, smarter, more cost-effectively and with fewer interruptions.

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