The purchase of the first house is a fundamental step both for families and for those who live alone. That is why it is necessary to review as many proposals as possible regarding mortgage plans. Among these it is also possible to include the first fixed rate home loans.

First home loan: why choose the fixed rate

Why choose the first fixed rate home loans ? For the simple fact that they allow you to take advantage of a certain installment for the duration of the repayment plan.

Furthermore, the mortgages in question will remain particularly convenient for at least a couple of years. Of course we can no longer talk about the historical minimum values ​​reached in 2016, but it is always possible to frame interesting solutions.

Fixed rate mortgages: the best proposals on the 2017 market

Let’s now get to the heart of fixed rate home loans by analyzing some concrete examples.

To understand what the best proposals are on the market, it is necessary to have a starting point and consider the request for a mortgage of $ 140,000, required for a property worth 220,000. The customer is a 35 year old employee who earns $ 2,220 monthly.

Given this initial picture, we can analyze the various solutions on the market, starting from the Hello Bank loan. In this case, the customer is entitled to a refund of a monthly installment of $ 586.60 (amortization plan lasting 25 years).

The rate is 1.90% and the APR 2.01%. The plan in question is characterized by the application of appraisal costs and investigation costs corresponding to $ 300 and $ 200 respectively.

Fixed rate mortgage with BNL: here’s what to know

We continue to detail the fixed rate first home mortgage solutions considering the proposal of BNL.

This credit institution, keeping in mind the starting parameters described above, proposes a monthly payment of $ 586.60. In this case the rate is 1.90% and the APR at 2.08. The mortgage in question includes appraisal costs of $ 300 and preliminary costs of $ 1,260.

Fixed rate mortgage Social Institute ex Government Agency: the characteristics of the mortgage plan

To get clear ideas on the best offers regarding first rate home mortgages, you must also consider the Social Institute proposal. The Authority makes a mortgage plan available to those looking for their first home, which allows you to request up to $ 300,000.

Accessible by members of the Unified Management of credit and social benefits, this loan can be at a fixed rate or at a variable rate. In the first case, there is talk of an interest of 2.95%.

In the second, however, a value calculated on the basis of the 6-month installment increased by 200 basis points and calculated over a period of 360 days. The request for this mortgage plan can only be sent online.

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