Mio launches MioWORK A500 series of Android devices for professionals


Updated handheld products complement 7 “and 10.1” Android â„¢ tablets

Taoyuan, Taiwan – June 17, 2021 – MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT), a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC, TWSE: 3706), today announces the worldwide release of their new MioWORK â„¢ A500s series 5 ″ Android â„¢ 10.0 portable devices for business. The robust models of the A500s series replace the A500 series released in 2018 and complement the already available 7 ″ F740s tablets and the larger 10.1 ″ L1000 tablets.

A 5 ″ mobile computer, optimized for professional use

All devices in the A500s product line are GMS-certified for use in companies, which enables uncomplicated implementation of enterprise mobility management solutions. The series includes three models, the standard A500s, the A505s with a Honeywell 1D / 2D LED aiming device and an 8 megapixel camera on the rear. The A545s model has a Honeywell laser aimer instead of the LED aimer, with GPS / AGPS + GLONASS for navigation and LTE Cat.6 connectivity.

An excellent solution for warehousing, logistics and restaurants

MioWORK â„¢ A500s handhelds offer businesses the ability to incorporate a small and lightweight device for frontline workers in warehousing, logistics and hospitality. With IP67 water and dust protection, the devices withstand the effects of the weather caused by logistical deliverers and with the optional protective caps according to military standards, they can withstand falls from a height of up to 1.8 m. The integrated NFC / HF RFID readers enable payment processing by delivery services and restaurant order management.

Unique antibacterial housing

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of hygiene. The material of the A500s series case has antimicrobial properties and has passed Japanese JIS Z 2801 certification. Although the housing does not protect against viruses, it does protect against many microbes and thus supports the company’s efforts to improve hygiene.

A large selection of accessories supports special application scenarios

In order to provide companies with a complete package for many different usage scenarios, MioWORK â„¢ has developed an extensive accessory ecosystem for all MioWORK â„¢ products that remain compatible across product generations. Multi-unit casts and multi-slot battery chargers ensure that staff never run out of devices. The hot-swappable 4,100 mAh battery enables more than 10 hours of use and seamless 24/7 use of the device through successive shifts. Custom-made detachable hand straps secure the A500s and still allow a quick battery change under time pressure. An optional pistol grip with BCR trigger button enables quick and effective data acquisition without tiring staff on long shifts. A 9-pin pogo connector for secure charging and data transfer is included.

Quality components for product reliability and durability

As a Taiwanese manufacturer serving leading brands and companies, MDT uses the best components in the MioWORK ™ product lines to avoid unnecessary product failures and replacement concerns. All devices are equipped with a capacitive wide-angle multi-touch IPS panel in HD quality with glove support. With 450nits with optical bonding for improved readability in sunlight, the display is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The low-voltage, octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 625 processor delivers solid computing power for business applications without compromising battery life.

Customers who need a higher resolution of the front camera can choose to upgrade to 8M.

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Enterprise-class mobile device management solution from MDT

MSP and corporate IT departments can benefit from MiDM â„¢ (MiTAC Mobile Device Management), the optional device management suite. MiDM â„¢ offers secure remote management tailored to MioWORK â„¢ products. Operating system, app updates and support are managed remotely, which saves maintenance time and the need for replacement devices significantly. More importantly, the application is designed to reduce data transmission as customers report large reductions in telecommunications data charges.

The MiDM â„¢ suite can be customized for customers who require unique functions and settings. Companies with increased security requirements can also deploy the suite in their own on-site IT infrastructure. MiDM â„¢ is developed in-house and includes a professional customer support team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dscHnJ7H0qk

The hospitality industry and other businesses with publicly accessible devices can take advantage of the free MiLockTM add-on, a kiosk launcher that prevents users from switching apps or accessing device settings.

Supplemented by the sibling tablet series

Companies looking for a complete solution provider can combine the A500s series with 7 “tablets from the F740s tablet series and 10.1” tablets from the L1000s series. Both series offer the same quality as the A500s series, have special extensions and individual accessories such as vehicle mounts and docking stations for use in the medical sector, fleet management and logistics, field service as well as retail and catering. Learn more about the entire MioWORK â„¢ product line at https://enterprise.mio.com/en_us/miowork/

About MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation

MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT) is a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC, TWSE: 3706). With a focus on automotive electronics, AIoT and industrial tablets, MDT wins leading international design awards and praise from numerous media and manufacturing experiences in consumer and specialty markets thanks to its comprehensive and advanced navigation system, automotive quality ODM design, with the brands Mio, Magellan and Navman R&D, integration and testing skills. In order to meet the increasing requirements for security, alerting and monitoring due to technological developments, MDT offers navigation system services based on state-of-the-art driver assistance design in combination with dashboard recording and AI, while at the same time the differentiation capacity is accumulated and the positioning of the company value is increased by the Requirements for professional vehicle devices are met with robust tablets and become an important player in the ecosystem of the networked automotive and automotive electronics industry.

Learn more at https://www.mitacmdt.com

About MioWORK

MioWORK â„¢ is the business line of products for rugged, versatile and durable Android â„¢ -based tablets and handheld devices under the Mio â„¢ brand from MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation. All devices are designed for professional use in corporate applications and have antibacterial properties. The extensive range of supporting accessories enables rapid deployment in most companies. The option for simple remote management of mobile devices (MDM) is available through MioWORK’s own MiDM â„¢ technology. Customers use MioWORK â„¢ products in a variety of industries including warehousing, transportation, logistics, fleet management, hospitality, field service, manufacturing, agriculture, ticketing and military use.

Please visit https://enterprise.mio.com for more information

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