Minecraft ‘JNI error’ or ‘Java exception’ after update 1.17? Here’s a fix


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The original story (published June 9, 2021) follows:

Minecraft players are finally getting the latest update 1.17, Caves and Cliffs: Part 1, which includes three new mobs – goats, glowing squid and axolotl among many other additions.

Of course, it’s a huge update that players have been looking forward to for weeks, and now that it’s here, players all over the world are checking out the new update to see what it has to offer.

Unfortunately, the start of the new update seems to be bumpy. Some people who have installed Minecraft 1.17 report receiving an error message that says “A JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again” or “Java exception”.

We’ve shared some reports from disgruntled users below for your reference:


When I try to play 1.17-rc1 or snapshots it gives 2 errors. Error1: A JNI error occurred. Please check your installation and try again. Error2: A Java exception occurred (source)

Is the server file still working? I keep getting the error code: A JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again. (source)

I installed 1.17 minecraft server files but they give me a JNI error, maybe it’s the launcher? (source)

According to gamers, they cannot install and play Minecraft 1.17 because they always get a “JNI error” or “Java exception”.

Players have even confirmed that they have Java installed on their computers, but they still see the error.

Of course, this has led many players to look for a solution. If you are one of them, there is nothing to worry about.

The ‘JNI error’ encountered with the latest Minecraft 1.17 update can be fixed by installing Java 16, as confirmed by many reports from players who have encountered the problem.



Minecraft 1.17 requires Java 16 or higher to function, so the game will not work on computers that do not meet the requirements.

However, in case you need a video tutorial on how to fix it, we’ve shared one below.

Once you have Java 16 installed on your computer you should be able to play the Minecraft 1.17 update without having to worry about encountering the ‘JNI error’.

Feel free to leave a comment to let us know if it has been fixed for you.

Update 1 (June 10th)

If you go to the “A JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again” error page from Mojang Support, you need to know the following:

This error occurs when you start the client (the game) or the server (the .jar) without Java 16 in 21w19 and above. Minecraft has been updated to use Java 16 according to the 21w19a changelog:

Minecraft is now using a newer version of Java. If you’re using a standard setup, the launcher will download and install the correct version. If you are using a custom Java setup or a third-party launcher, you need to make sure that your Java installation is version 16 or higher.

Here’s how you can solve the problem:

To resolve this issue, download the AdoptOpenJDK and do the following for the client or server.

Client: Make sure your launcher is running Java 16. To do this, change the executable Java runtime to the target “javaw.exe” in C: Program Files Java jdk-16.0.1 bin javaw.exe or where you have installed Java 16. Contact your launcher supervisor if you cannot switch to Java 16 or if you don’t know how to switch.

Server: If you are running a server on your computer, make sure AdoptOpenJDK is running the .jar file. To be on the safe side, the file properties on Windows 10 should look like this:

Try uninstalling Java 8 and restarting your computer to make sure Java 16 is running. If you are running a server with a host, contact the host.

If that doesn’t work, please contact community support.

Update 2 (June 11th)

According to reports from users facing the problem on Linux, here’s a tip for you:



sudo apt-get update


sudo apt search jdk

“Find openjdk version 17” OR just run this command

sudo apt install openjdk-17-jdk

Have fun with the new update 1.17

If openjdk-17-jdk does not appear when entering “sudo apt search jdk” and when entering sudo apt install openjdk-17-jdk it says “The package cannot be found openjdk-17-jdk” you need another one add repository first. This is how a user puts it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: linuxuprising / java

sudo apt-get update

Optional: sudo apt search jdk

I found openjdk-16-jdk so I installed that; I haven’t seen openjdk-17-jdk but 16 works

sudo apt install openjdk-16-jdk

Update 3 (June 18)

One person highlighted some important information about Java 16 availability on Mojang’s support website. Take a look at the following information:

In contrast to Java 8, there is not a single provider of downloads for Java 16. Some of the most important are:

– OpenJDK (from Oracle): https://jdk.java.net/16/
– Oracle: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk16-downloads.html
Oracle was the main vendor of Java in the past, but their free downloads are now for developers only. Their standard versions are now paid for and cost several hundred dollars a year. It does not include OpenJDK downloads.

– Amazon Corretto (from Amazon): https://docs.aws.amazon.com/corretto/latest/corretto-16-ug/downloads-list.html
– Zulu (from Azul): https://www.azul.com/downloads/#download-openjdk
– AdoptOpenJDK (by the Eclipse Foundation, sponsored by many organizations including Amazon, IBM and Microsoft): https://adoptopenjdk.net/?variant=openjdk16&jvmVariant=hotspot
I would personally recommend AdoptOpenJDK, but the choice here is yours.

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