Manitoba releases Mental Health Roadmap, a general guide to service overhaul – Winnipeg

Manitoba launches one Mental health roadmap which provides a broad framework for improving mental health and substance abuse services.

A Pathway to Mental Health and Community Wellbeing: A Roadmap for Manitoba is a general guideline that identifies broad areas that experts will keep in mind as they proceed with improvements.

“Manitobans have shared with us the types of systems and support they need, and this roadmap and our investment will meet those expectations,” said Secretary of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing Sarah Guillemard.

“Our government’s investment, coupled with the direction set out in the roadmap, will make the system easier to navigate, allowing people to access quality services whenever and wherever they need them.”

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The main themes listed are related to improving accessibility, preventing chronic diseases and partnering with indigenous healing services, among others.

The province is contributing $23.7 million to fund programs impacted by the roadmap.

Details of specific investments will be updated as the province works with its partners in the system.

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“Both before the pandemic and especially since the pandemic, the demand for child and adolescent mental health services has exceeded available resources,” said Dr. Laurence Y. Katz, Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Health Sciences Center Winnipeg.

“This roadmap provides the guiding principles for transforming the system towards a more accessible, equitable, culturally sensitive and accountable mental health system for children and adolescents, with a focus on prevention and treatment.”

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The roadmap will be followed over a period of five years as the government puts its framework into action.

Regarding the changes Manitobans can expect to see in the roadmap principles this year, Secretary Guillemard said the goal is to hear positive feedback from those using the system and to see lower waitlists as more services become available will.

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“The majority of funding this year will go to core services,” she said.

“Improving them, expanding them, and making them more accessible to the growing needs we have in Manitoba.”

Further updates regarding the overhaul of the mental health system are pending.

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