Letters to the editor from June 10, 2021

No tax money for abortions

The government’s federal budget proposal to abolish the Hyde Amendment and some related pro-life provisions are a cause for great concern. The Hyde Amendment, in effect with bipartisan support since 1976, prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life.

This bipartisan agreement was broadly supported by a majority of low-income women, including the hardest-hit black women.

Taxpayer sponsored abortion represents a failure to assist women in their motherhood by funding despair and death instead of hope and life

Since 1976, nearly 2.5 million babies and difficult mothers have been saved from the abortion tragedy. All over our country and in our communities there are centers, agencies, and religious organizations that guide women with unplanned pregnancies and mothers who provide real help.

This is a critical time in our nation’s history for the Hyde Addition to be upheld and to move the hearts of citizens and our Congress. Human life really depends on your voice. Before Congress moves forward to impose tax-funded abortions, we need to send a clear message that no taxpayer money should be used on abortions.

Please join me in sending this urgent message to Congress by signing a petition on NoTaxpayerAbortion.com.

Reverend Felipe J. Estévez, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine

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To be open for something

The concerns raised in a June 5 letter, “Wake up to Biden’s Policies” require a response. Many Americans have woken up realizing that votes and policies put in place years ago may have compounded the ongoing and unacceptable racist policies that are part of the unconscious in this country. As a result, we experience stories that were never taught in our schools. We discover policies that have been counterproductive for our collective society.

Arbitrary or, above all, intentional exclusion is always problematic and has been promoted for centuries. For some of us it is an adjustment to treat non-whites and non-Europeans with the same respect that we show one another (white Caucasians). If we allow ourselves to trust “the other” more, we can expand our acceptance of differences.

Our world is changing and change is never easy or easy. Change is often overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to focus our efforts. I hope that the letter writer will support me in always openly examining a topic from several perspectives and trusting that basically all people love and want to be loved, not hate or be hated.

Elaine Golman, Gainesville

Another bad decision

Governor Ron DeSantis has just decided to stop accepting state unemployment benefits. He thinks getting people back to work is daunting. That may or may not be true, there is evidence both ways. But what is undeniably true is that the Florida’s economy will be missing the $ 300 a week that will benefit the 150,000 or so Florida residents who are eligible for benefits. That’s $ 180,000,000 a month that could have been spent in our local economy.

The unemployed do not put money in foreign bank accounts or buy millions of dollars in homes. They spend the money they get on food, clothing, and rent. This benefits the local economy.

Another bad decision based on the Republican party line rather than common sense.

Bud Jones, Newberry

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