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PALO ALTO, Calif., February 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Legitimate security, a cybersecurity company with an enterprise SaaS platform to protect an organization’s software supply chain, today announced a free rapid risk assessment to help organizations proactively mitigate the risk of cyberattacks on the software supply chain in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine . The free risk assessment can give organizations instant visibility into vulnerabilities across their software supply chain environment, as well as guidance on where to best place security resources and tools to mitigate future attacks. Qualifying organizations can obtain the free assessment on Legit Security’s website: info.legitsecurity.com/rapid-risk-assessment.

Software supply chain attacks infiltrate an organization’s internal software development supply chain and introduce vulnerabilities and backdoors into the organization’s software, which are then propagated to unsuspecting customers, leaving them vulnerable with a powerful and dangerous multiplier effect. Since the devastating SolarWinds attack in 2020, attacks on the software supply chain have increased 3x to 6x per year based on analysis from multiple government, industry, and security vendor sources. The specter of a further escalation of these attacks is awaited in the wake of Russia’s recent military invasion, including warnings to US companies from government agencies such as the Cyber ​​Security & Infrastructure Agency to “take an elevated stance when it comes to cybersecurity and do their best to protect critical assets.” ‘ and for companies to ‘raise their shields’.

“Cyberattacks on the software supply chain can be extremely disruptive, and we want to help organizations become more resilient to these attacks,” said Roni Fuchs, CEO of Legit Security. “Unfortunately, there isn’t enough best practice information and security tools freely available in the market to help against this relatively new attack vector. After seeing the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we decided to get involved and offer a free risk assessment to do our part.”

The free Rapid Risk Assessment uses Legit Security’s SaaS-based security platform to perform automated discovery and analysis of an organization’s software supply chain environment to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security incidents. This automated scan analyzes the software delivery pipelines for gaps and leaks, the security posture of the systems and infrastructure deployed within those pipelines, and the people and their security hygiene while working in them. Risk assessments are implemented in minutes over an agentless connection, and the assessment is non-invasive with no changes or impact to existing development tools and workflows. Typical assessments last between a few minutes and two hours, depending on the size of the environment. For more information on the full range of use cases available on the Legit Security Platform, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, visit the company’s website.

“Improving cyber defenses and being vigilant against cyberattacks is now part of the business landscape, whether you’re concerned about government-sponsored attacks, frequent cybercriminals, or poor security hygiene,” said Liav Caspi, chief technology officer, Legit Security. “You can’t protect what you can’t see, and unfortunately most companies today don’t have a handle on their own software supply chain environment. Regardless of an organization’s current security maturity, we can help increase their awareness of current gaps and help them mitigate those risks much more quickly and easily than without an assessment. When every organization is more resilient to attack, the likelihood of widespread business and societal disruption is greatly reduced.”

Visit legitsecurity.com for more information.

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Legit Security protects software supply chains from attacks by automatically discovering and securing pipelines, infrastructure, code and people so organizations can stay safe and release software quickly. Legit offers an easy-to-deploy SaaS platform that supports both cloud and on-premises resources and combines automated detection and analysis capabilities with hundreds of security policies developed by industry experts with hands-on SDLC security experience. This integrated platform keeps your software factory secure and continuously ensures your applications are released without vulnerabilities.

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