Lecture on ‘Social Purity’ 1887


October 4th in history:

  • In 1535 the Coverdale Bible was printed, with translations into English by William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale.
  • In 1777, during the American Revolutionary War, troops under George Washington were repulsed by British troops under William Howe. Washington would inevitably use guerrilla warfare tactics to defeat and demoralize the British.
  • In 1883 the Orient Express made its first journey. Agatha Christie would later write a popular mystery with it as a backdrop.
  • In 1957, Sputnik 1 was the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth.
  • In 1983 Richard Noble set a new land speed record of 633,468 miles per hour in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
  • In 1985 the Free Software Foundation was established.
  • In 1997, North Carolina saw the second largest cash robbery in US history at $ 17.3 million. (A record $ 18.8 million had been stolen just seven months earlier in Jacksonville, Florida.)

The local news for the week of October 4th, 1887:

Are you socially clean – Last night, Dr. Kate Bushnell giving a talk on “Social Purity” to a large gathering of women and men at Friends South 8th Street meetinghouse. Dr. Bushnell is a slender lady with penetrating eyes, a broad, high forehead, gray-dyed hair, a pleasant manner and perfectly articulated gestures. Her address was full of important truths contained in her subject, which was social purity; As this topic has attracted a lot of attention, it has been listened to with very eager attention. Dr. Bushnell explained that parents need to realize that there are just as many reasons to require the male of the species to be as socially pure as the female, and that society’s condemnation for sensual mishaps is never more dependent on the error of either sex in relation to the miscellaneous. Dr. Bushnell wiggled his finger for emphasis and said, “The purpose of the Bible is to give women the same status as men, as Christ Jesus intended, but this has been mistranslated by men with male bias who embrace the truth of the gospel have used incorrectly, usurped. “

The statement caused a stir in the audience.

The applause from the female members was very enthusiastic, while the male response was softened, a mere superficial formality.

The lecture ended, but your message was sent.

(Note: Born in Peru, Indiana, in 1856, Katherine Bushnell grew up a doctor, biblical scholar, missionary in China, and social activist. She worked tirelessly against all forms of human humiliation. As a Hebrew and Greek, she studied and found passages of the Bible in their original languages numerous inaccuracies regarding gender roles, and later published a seminal study, “God’s Word to Women,” in 1921, in which she worked through passages from the Bible that suggested the inferiority of women over men, refuted the translations and made masculine biases for the untruths Your book is a publicly available classic, available online electronically and in print.)

From our past:WKBV started out as a hobby in a Brookville living room

Tom Mertz has a hired man and gave him money last Monday and put him on a horse so he could drive over to Centerville after a bunch of cattle. Tom hasn’t seen or heard him since, and he’s got into quite a sweat of discomfort.

Mr. HO Haynes has a very fine parrot that he is very proud of. The festive bird has a habit of flying away and screeching, “Catch me! Catch me! Idiots! Idiots! “- causing a great chase in it. On Tuesday morning the bird got out and was in great demand as it mercilessly mocked passers-by. Mr. Haynes and a large band of men, without lack of profanity, finally caught it, and on it the Main was at peace again.

Another basic lie from the hot bed of democracy from our local Fifth Estate, the Richmond Democrat: “It is being reported on our streets right now that General Tom Bennett had an illegitimate baby in his arms in St. Louis who he was showing off the streets there . ”We ask our readers: where do the perpetrators of this political excrement go when they die? – the Ed.

(Note: General Bennett of Indiana 69 was elected Mayor of Richmond four times. He was running around the time in history that he was reportedly holding an illegitimate baby in his arms while visiting St. Louis, possibly true that he was had a baby, the conclusion that the child was his was not true.

Robert Martin, the fruit dealer, drove to the depot at around 3 a.m. this morning and parked his horse and cart while he ran into the train stations to check for a load of fruit. When he returned, his horse and equipment were gone. Mr. Martin immediately began searching the city to find it and went to every part of Richmond to no avail. A gentleman named Morgan came into town and had met the horse near the paper mill bridge. The horse was walking quietly down the street, and Mr. Martin’s sheepdog trotted by his side, both happy as larks. Mr. Morgan recognized the horse and tied it to the fence. Then he came in and told Mr. Martin, who was pleased that his property was just walking.

This morning three bushels of dirt were hauled off the floor of the depot waiting room. Is that the record?

Elam Hill was involved in the repainting of the Pythian temple. He suffers from colic and had a very severe course last night, probably made worse by dye poison. He has found relief in such cases by taking very small doses of morphine. The opiate always makes him very sick, but it stops the stomach upset. Elam went to a doctor very late, told him about the problems, and was given small doses of morphine. He began to take this according to the instructions. The condition of his digestive tract was such that the medicine caused a cold spasm, his pulse dropped, and clammy sweat oozed from his body. He was on his way home from the temple just after 9 a.m. when the disease and medicine overwhelmed him and he fell on the sidewalk near the Woodbine saloon. Willing hands came to his aid, carried him into the saloon, and began to apply whiskey restorative. It wasn’t long before he was resurrected, his circulation rose, and he was brought home. God bless saloons, can be heard on our streets now.

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