Joint Ministry of Labor and Microsoft initiative to improve young people’s employability


the The union minister for labor and employment, Bhupendra Yadav, launched DigiSaksham in collaboration with Microsoft on September 30, 2021. It is a Digital skills program that aims to improve youth employability by teaching digital skills which are important in an increasingly technology-driven age.

DigiSaksham is a joint central government initiative with Microsoft India and is an extension of the government’s ongoing programs to support youth in rural and semi-urban areas.

Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav said in his speech on the introduction of DigiSaksham that the rapid technological upgrades, retraining, permanent qualifications and training are a must.


The DigiSaksham program, jointly launched by Minister of Labor and Microsoft India, will give priority to job seekers in the semi-urban areas of disadvantaged communities, including those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DigiSaksham: Important Highlights

Job seekers can access training under the DigiSkasham program through the National Career Service Portal.

There will be three main types of training under the initiative – self-paced digital learning, VILT mode training and ILT mode training (instructor-led).

The initiative ILT training, which is face-to-face training, is delivered at the Model Career Centers (MCCs) and National Career Service Centers (NCSC) for the SCs / STs across the country.

The DigiSaksham initiative is being implemented locally in India through the Aga Khan Rural Support Program India (AKRSP-I).

To introduce the digital initiative, Microsoft India has incorporated the Aga Khan Rural Support Program-India and its knowledge partner TMI e2E Academy.

DigiSaksham: What significance will the initiative have for the youth of the country?

Through the DigiSaksham initiative, almost all active job seekers registered on the National Career Service (NCS) portal can access training courses in areas such as data visualization, JAVA Script, Power Bi, Advanced Excel, programming languages, introduction to coding, etc., to equip them with the skills required in the digital economy.

• The initiative will also equip more than 300,000 young people with technical skills in the first year.

Job seekers across the country can also access Microsoft learning resources such as data analysis, programming languages, advanced digital productivity, and software development fundamentals on the National Career Service portal.

About the National Career Service (NCS):

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has implemented the National Career Service Project as a Mission Mode Project for the transformation of the National Labor Office in order to offer a variety of employment-related services such as career counseling, job matching, internships, training, information, among other things in continuing education courses.

Services are available online for the project dedicated to the nation by PM Modi in 2015. All of the portal’s services are free and the portal can be accessed directly from common service centers, mobile devices, career centers, cyber cafes, etc.

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