In California, Therap is introducing a new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Aggregator Interface for home and community-based support from service providers in compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act

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WATERBURY, Conn., February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leading Software-as-a-Service solution, provides data-driven solutions and HIPAA-compliant electronic documentation solutions for service providers requiring In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), Waiver Personal Care Services (WPCS) to offer. and other human services settings, is pleased to announce connectivity to a new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) aggregator for service providers providing personal care services and home health services under the Medi-Cal State Plan and various Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services offer waiver programs in California.

Therap’s EVV tools provide a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to document data from the point of service. Therapy users at the agency and state level can easily document schedules of care providers, capture where service begins and ends, track duration of staff visits, and more through web and mobile applications.

To meet the requirements of the 21st Century Therapeutic Products Act, the federal government has mandated EVV check-in and check-out for non-residential IHSS/WPCS providers who provide home and community-based assistance to recipients California.

Therap’s EVV software collects and verifies all six of the following federally required data elements:

  1. Type of the service rendered
  2. Individually receipt of the service
  3. employees Provision of the Service
  4. beginning and end time of service
  5. date of service
  6. location the provision of services

In addition, Therap enables vendors using the Scheduling/EVV module to effectively check in and out online and remotely using mobile devices equipped with geolocation and timestamp collection components, even when active internet connection is limited or unavailable. EVV features also include point-of-service voice, photo, and client signature verification options.

Therap’s Scheduling/Electronic Visit Review module interfaces with Therap’s billing and support functions and provides options for configuring schedules, tracking the number of units available, and reviewing unit usage. Schedules are linked to service authorizations to generate entitlements and record units by validating primary check-in/out information from billable services documented by employees.

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Therap’s comprehensive and HIPAA compliant software is used in human resources services environments for documentation, communication, reporting, EVV and billing.

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