H&R Block Tax Filing Review 2022

If you are looking for help filing your taxes, H&R Block is the best filing option for those who qualify for the free edition and want the convenience of multiple filing options. H&R Block beats its main competitor, TurboTax, in terms of pricing, mobile app ratings, and free spending. The company also offers more customer support options, including personal help, in more than 9,000 offices across the United States

The deadline for filing taxes for the 2021 tax year is April 15, 2022. Before you begin, here’s what you should know about H&R Block and how it compares to others.

H&R block snapshot

Bankrate rating $ 4.72 / 5.0
costs State: $ 0 or $ 49.99 – $ 109.99

State: an additional $ 36.99 per state

Does it have a free version? Yes
Outstanding functions Has more than 9,000 personal offices nationwide

Free version includes 40 tax forms

Can import last year’s declaration, W-2 forms, and several 1099 forms from various brokers

Best for

You may want to submit to H&R Block if you:

  • Make a simple return and qualify for the free version.
  • You have a more complex return and want additional guidance.
  • Would you like to be able to choose from several storage options.
  • Request live support from a tax professional online or in person.

Not recommended for

You may not enjoy H&R Block if you:

  • You don’t need a lot of guidance when filing taxes.

How much does the H&R Block tax service cost?

H&R Block offers a free online tax return program that includes simple federal and state tax returns. If your tax situation requires you to upgrade, you’ll pay $ 49.99 to $ 109.99 to fill out a federal tax return and $ 36.99 for each state tax return.

At the time of publication, the company is offering a temporary discount. Filing a federal declaration costs just $ 29.99- $ 84.99 during the promotion, which better matches prices with TaxSlayer, the cheapest provider we reviewed.

H&R Block also offers a personal tax return starting at $ 69 per federal return plus an additional fee for state returns. The desktop software, which can be downloaded to your computer, costs between $ 29.95 and $ 89.95 for state declarations and $ 19.95 for each state declaration. The personal and downloadable software options are not included in our test.

Products from H&R Block

H&R Block offers four options for online tax returns: Free Online, Deluxe, Premium and Self-Employed.

  • Free Online: As with other major tax filing services, the free online ($ 0) version of H&R Block lets you file a simple 1040 Form and take advantage of several popular tax breaks such as the Standard Withholding, Income Tax Credit, Education Credit, and Additional Child Tax Credit. But the free version of H&R Block is better than most in that it can also handle unemployment benefits, bank interest and dividend income, student loan interest, and Plans 1 and 3 – for a total of 40 tax forms.
  • Deluxe: You may need to upgrade to the deluxe version ($ 49.99) if you want to list annex A deductions, have deposited into a health savings account in 2021, or have had child and long-term care expenses.
  • Bonus: The Premium version ($ 69.99) – which has everything in Deluxe – is a great choice for investors and landlords who need to file a Schedule D or E, or have K-1s.
  • Self-employed: Freelancers and gig workers can use the Deluxe or Premium version to report their self-employed income in Schedule C. However, small business owners will need to upgrade to the self-employed version ($ 109.99) if they want to claim business expenses and report all business deductions and asset write-offs.

If you need additional guidance with any of these editions, you can pay an additional fee to get the online wizard. Prices range from $ 69.99 to $ 194.99 (plus government returns surcharge) and include screen sharing, video calling, and mobile app support. Users who add Online Assist receive unlimited, personalized help from a tax professional, registered agent, or CPA.

You can import a tax return from the previous year (also from another provider), W-2 forms, and several 1099 forms such as the 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B and 1099-R. When you need to take a break from preparing taxes, you can save your work and log out and then resume using any device. The mobile app – H&R Block Tax Prep and File App – is available on iOS and Android devices and has an average rating of 4.65 / 5 stars. You can take a picture of your forms in the app and even prepare and submit your taxes electronically.

Who should use H & R Block’s tax service?

H&R Block offers an easy-to-navigate interface with clear, jargon-free instructions and many ways to access additional help. It’s a premium product with a price to match, so it’s best for people who want extensive help options and those who qualify to use the free version.

If you have a complicated tax situation, TurboTax might guide you through the process better – although the prices are a little higher. TaxSlayer could be a good program for confident filers who don’t need tax advice and want the most cost-effective option.

Via the H&R Block tax service

Founded in 1955, H&R Block has grown to become one of the largest private tax firms in the United States, preparing more than 800 million tax returns in its history. The company employs more than 60,000 tax professionals who must complete at least 60 hours of training and pass a rigorous certification program. The typical H&R Block tax professional has approximately 10 years experience and can assist customers either online or at any of the company’s retail locations in all 50 states and territories, as well as at US military bases around the world. For contactless assistance, you can submit your tax information to one of his offices without making an appointment.

Taxpayers can also prepare tax returns by registering online or downloading tax preparation software. Each of the four online filing programs walk you through a simple, interview-style interface where you answer questions about your tax situation. The program enters your data accordingly in the relevant tax forms.

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