HomeKit Weekly: Tired of waiting for Ring to support HomeKit? Here’s how you can integrate with Homebridge for free

Ring promised HomeKit support many years ago, but it didn’t deliver on that promise. As of this writing, it looks increasingly unlikely that it will ever happen. If you’re stuck in the Ring ecosystem but want to enjoy some of the benefits of HomeKit. All you need to add is a computer running Homebridge, and you can integrate Ring with HomeKit for free. My favorite way of using Homebridge is HOOBS. Let’s see how to add Ring devices to HomeKit.

HomeKit week is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything related to Apple’s smart home framework.

Ring has seen some controversy over the years, but many people love their products. As an Amazon subsidiary, Ring offers affordable cameras, doorbells, outdoor power outlets, and security systems with professional surveillance. If the Amazon Alexa ecosystem is your platform of choice, there’s a lot to like about Ring. What if you have a Ring Doorbell that you want to integrate with HomeKit for use with your Apple TV or Apple Watch? This is where Homebridge comes in.

Homebridge offers HomeKit integrations for countless devices that wouldn’t normally be compatible. This integration includes Nest, TP-Link, UEFI, etc. If you want to use a non-compatible device in HomeKit, chances are you can make it compatible with a Homebridge plugin. As I mentioned before, HOOBS is my preferred method of using Homebridge as it is a turnkey device for setting up, installing and managing Homebridge devices. If you have an always-on computer, Homebridge is free to use. However, I love the simplicity of HOOBS. It’s quiet, uses little power and is easy to maintain.

Ring with HomeKit

For this article, I’m assuming your Ring devices are already up and on your network. Go to the Plugin Library in the HOOBs web interface and search for the Ring plugin. HOOBs has listed it as a certified plugin so you can enjoy an easy setup experience. In fact, the process was so easy that I was even unsure what to do next.

Once the plugin is installed in HOOBs web interface, link your Ring account to Homebridge. I use a ring.com account and it also worked perfectly with multifactor authentication. I always thought I needed to add my devices somewhere in the HOOBs interface, but when I finally opened the Home app, I saw that my Ring camera immediately appeared in HomeKit with full access.

Wrap up

Now that the Ring Camera is in HomeKit, I can use it like a standard HomeKit camera. I can use it to automate other accessories based on movement like I would with any standard HomeKit device. One thing to note about integration is that just because the camera is in HomeKit doesn’t mean it’s using HomeKit Secure Video. Depending on where the camera is in your home, this can be a deal breaker. If you want to have a camera in a sensitive area, you should consider this aspect. Even if you use HomeKit to turn off the camera, depending on who’s home, that won’t be reflected on the Ring Page, so you should configure these settings independently. Overall, the Homebridge Ring is a great solution if you’re stuck in the ring ecosystem but want to enjoy some benefits of HomeKit. Visit HOOBS for the quickest way to start integrating Ring products with HomeKit.

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