G&D increases usability with multilingual user interface

With the introduction of the new firmware for the digital KVM matrix switches ControlCenter-Compact and ControlCenter-Digital and Digital Extender, G&D is once again focusing on user-friendliness. The Config Panel 21 configuration tool now also supports the language variants French, Chinese and Russian.

This further reduces the language barrier and makes the configuration tool even more user-friendly. Previously it was only possible to display the user interface in German or English. Existing customers in the corresponding language regions, who can now configure in their native language even more easily, will benefit most from the extensions.

Own development for comfortable configurations
The configuration tool developed by G&D is a web-based application in the device that can be accessed from any web browser. The application requires no software to operate and provides a graphical user interface for configuring KVM systems. During the entire development process, the focus was on user-friendliness. Even with complex installations, the user is guided intuitively through the menu. Features such as a multilingual glossary and context-sensitive help functions simplify operation and facilitate configuration of the devices.

The web application is an alternative to configuration via the on-screen display, which has also been multilingual since the firmware update. So far it was only available in English, now a German and a French version have been added. In contrast to the on-screen display, the much simpler user interface of the Config Panel 21 can be used independently of user modules in the network. In addition, it offers a step-by-step configuration wizard that guides users through complex settings such as Select Keys, TradeSwitching or CrossDisplay switching. The configuration of a KVM matrix grid can also be done much more quickly and easily.

Firmware updates for integrating the language variants into the configuration tool will also be published shortly for other company products.

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