Freeport Volunteer Fire Department receives new fire truck funded by the community

Freeport officials have agreed to fund a new fire truck for the volunteer fire department.

The council unanimously voted for a 10-year loan of $ 250,000 through Volunteer’s Financial Services (VFS) at a fixed rate of 3.35%.

These funds, plus $ 300,000 in capital projects, will be used to cover the cost of a new truck from Pierce Manufacturing of Wisconsin.

VFS was founded in 1987 by a volunteer firefighter and has specialized in the financing of equipment and the construction of firefighters.

Councilor Josh James, a district firefighter, did not have to back off the vote, according to District Attorney Matthew Kalina. Councilors Mary Bowlin and Justin DeAngelis resigned prior to this month’s meeting.

The annual loan payments are reported at approximately $ 29,000 and would be covered by the annual $ 30,000 contribution the community pays to the fire department.

The new custom model replaces an outdated truck. The 1987 fire engine Mack Grumman of the volunteer fire brigade failed a pump test that year.

That, combined with other factors, like rust in several places, has pushed it beyond the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in-service rescue vehicles, said Fire Brigade Marshal Michael Greiser, and it needs to be retired.

The purchase of this new fire engine will help the department meet NFPA standards which will be achieved by increasing manpower, personnel, equipment, and water / pump capacity.

It will also help improve its rating with the Insurance Services Office (ISO). ISO is a consulting and rating organization for the property / casualty insurance industry.

Greiser does the paperwork for the purchase on behalf of the municipality.

“We contacted the manufacturer and presented the signed version of the sales contract last night,” he said. “We’re working on the papers to complete the loan as the final part of the buying process.”

Greiser said the fire engine committee will meet again before production to finalize the final specifications for the truck.

The truck is still in the design phase.

The community is not expected to receive it in at least 15 months.

Suggested specifications include a tank that is at least 750 gallons and a pump that can handle 2,000 gallons per minute. The truck will have a remote-controlled spray gun, a low rear hose bed, a 360-degree camera system, as well as 360-degree reflective strips and LED lighting.

Ladders and other equipment would be stowed inside the truck instead of on the sides.

Council President Clint Warnick said the cost of the fire truck is projected to increase by about $ 40,000 over the next year, so it would be best to approve the purchase later this month.

“We’ve been working on it for between six and eight months since the talks with the fire department began,” said Warnick. “The community has a duty to keep the community safe. We succeeded in doing that. “

James said the new truck will give both the department and the district a boost.

“That’s good news,” he said. “The fire brigade has a 34-year-old engine that has been serving the district well for years. However, it has its problems. With the purchase of this new engine, the fire department receives the most modern and cutting edge technology and technology, as well as long-lasting service and a guarantee to strengthen the longevity of this engine in the community.

“Purchasing this engine will also increase the district’s ISO (fire insurance) rating. As a resident of the district, that’s good news for everyone. “

Michael DiVittorio is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Michael at 412-871-2367, [email protected], or on Twitter .

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