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WASHBURN, ND (KFYR) – Washburn Elementary first graders received their first school-provided equipment on Friday. A group of sixth grade students helped the younger children learn the basics and showed them how to install the newly deployed security software.

“We’ve had them for two years so it was good for us to help them,” said sixth grader Kesia Boeshans.

There are potential dangers at the end of every click. Students are often encouraged not to download anything; However, this anti-malware suite is considered a must have.

Jessica Hoff, business teacher and technology coordinator at Washburn Public Schools, said, “If students were to click something, they shouldn’t do it or try to download something, they shouldn’t be. And maybe they are not even aware that they did something that they shouldn’t. It will protect or stop that, raise a red flag to the state and say you have a device that may be infected, so keep us at bay that way. “

The new program communicates with devices nationwide. If a threat occurs in one area, the rest of the state is notified and can react. It is pre-installed on most student devices.

“It’s called the XDR Cortex Agent; it looks like a little sign, ”said Hoff.

Students can click the icon to install the program. Governor Doug Bergum and student cabinet members launched an initiative entitled “Click OK to Save Your Day” in hopes of encouraging students to stay safe online.

“It helps so we don’t trick other people into intruding on their things or the school. It protects the computers, ”said Kesia Boeshans.

When these threats invade without the free government-provided security software.

“You never know what could happen. They couldn’t get any good information, ”Boeshans said.

Check with your school to see if they provide this anti-malware software to your students, or contact the North Dakota Information Technology Department for more information.

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