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To keep our city safe, support our public safety officers, and create a community that works for all, we need a public safety officer with experience in the justice system and proven results to get results.

As a lifelong New Yorker and longtime resident of Saratoga Springs with over 33 years experience in our justice system, I am running for Public Safety Commissioner to improve public safety in our community and to ensure that the system works fairly for every resident.

During my decades in our judicial system, I have served as a public prosecutor, legal counsel, chief judge attorney, special arbitrator, and clerk. With this experience, I have a deep understanding of how the criminal justice system should work to keep people safe.

I’m running for Public Safety Commissioner to use that experience for Saratoga Springs.

My top priority for our community is keeping our neighborhoods safe, and I can do just that. I trained police officers, persecuted sex offenders, and successfully kept a police murderer in prison by refusing his appeal. As your public safety officer, I will continue to advocate safer communities by making sure our law enforcement officers have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively, and I will work to improve the relationships between to improve our officials and the public through public relations and increased transparency.

To maintain trust between our community and our officials, and to ensure that our judicial system works effectively for all residents, we also need to improve accountability and responsiveness in our police department. It is for this reason that, as your Commissioner, I will adopt and implement an impartial Civilian Review Board that will make recommendations to the Public Safety Commissioner on law enforcement behavior and policies.

And as our city continues to grow rapidly, we need to make sure that our public services keep pace with the growing population. To that end, I will ensure that a third fire and rescue station is funded to service the east side of Saratoga Springs.

Achieving these goals and creating a safer, more responsive city requires a public safety officer who is dedicated and committed to listening to the community to respond to concerns. I want to hear from you and I will make myself available to you.

To learn more about my experience and my plans for our city, I recommend checking out the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum in October or visiting my website JimForPublicSafety.com.

With so much at stake in November, real experience with the justice system is more important than ever; I hope to earn your vote and use my experience for you.

Jim Montagnino is a candidate for Public Safety Commissioner

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