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Square’s client management tools help your business run smoother and more efficiently by reducing the paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks (Square Inc.)

They say workers are only as good as their tools. It’s a saying that applies to almost any profession – but is especially useful when it comes to the tools you rely on for your accounting practice.

The day-to-day management of invoices, estimates, scheduling, payment processing and much more can quickly become an expensive juggling act that takes time to care for your customers.

Whether you run your own business or are a CPA looking to build your own practice one day, choosing the right platform for these tasks – like choosing the right tools – matters.

This is where square comes in. Square is a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that streamlines all elements of managing your professional services business into one easy-to-use platform.

“We believe CPAs should be in control of their business,” said Jesse Lopez, product marketing manager at Square Invoices, one of Square’s many utilities. “You should be able to run and grow your business with tools that suit your needs, not the other way around. Our tools aim to improve cash flow, reduce paperwork and improve customer satisfaction – all key priorities of a professional service practice or a company. ”

Square’s wide range of customizable tools are seamlessly integrated and ready to meet your business needs – all from your Square dashboard. Generating a Sales Pipeline? Use quadratic estimates. Book customer appointments? Hello, Square appointments. The Square Customer Directory – Square’s free CRM management system – enables you to use real-time reporting tools to make better business decisions. Square Payments allows you to request, accept, and collect any payment from any device or delivery method to ensure you get paid quickly. All of this leaves more scope to grow your customer base and increase revenue streams.

Square’s client management tools help your business run smoother and more efficiently by reducing the paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks. “We all know that time is the most precious commodity for every professional,” says Lopez. Square also integrates with your existing accounting software.

Square’s customizable features can be customized to suit your business, regardless of its size. Any CPA practice or business can easily accept payments from Square’s mobile POS or request payments from their cloud-based billing software via email, SMS, or payment links. You can also collect payments over the phone using Square’s browser-based virtual terminal. All of these payments flow through one system and customer data is automatically saved to ensure that business owners can easily track and manage their customers.

As any successful CPA business owner can attest, the ability to streamline estimates, invoices, payments, customer management, and reporting in one place can be invaluable. As Lopez puts it, “Square takes care of the business so you can take care of the customers.”

Getting started is easy. Registration is quick and free, with no commitments or long-term contracts. For more, visit square.com/go/professionals.

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