Evolv AI introduces Flows behavior analysis tool


Evolv AI introduces Flows behavior analysis tool

October 1, 2021

In the US, the customer experience (CX) optimization and personalization platform Evolv AI has launched a solution called Flows that provides insights into digital customer behavior and enables customers to visualize problems based on specific elements on a specific website.

According to Evolv AI from San Francisco, flows helps to understand and correct where in the customer journey an experience falls short and has a negative impact on business results. With the solution, every online customer touchpoint can be visualized – such as the home page, a product listing page (PLP) or a product detail page (PDP) as well as shopping cart and checkout pages. It also helps in designing the page layout, content, call-to-action (CTA), and business logic like prices or offers.

Flows also enables the comparison of data, including insights into the behavior of different customer segments, which can then be used to uncover specific problems with an experience, to identify and quantify the resulting changes in customer behavior. A global overview of the entire customer experience can be provided across all digital channels, while customers navigate between interfaces such as mobile, web and chatbots.

CEO and co-founder Michael Scharff (pictured) comments: “Companies that really want to benefit from the boom in eCommerce and digital business have to change their CX optimization and this requires new ways to holistically visualize journeys and act quickly via insights” .

Website: www.evolv.ai.

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