EM Contractors recognized for Safety, Health, Innovation and Public Relations

UCOR, Oak Ridge

oak avenue Cleaning company UCOR received the VPPPA’s VPP Innovation Award for implementing a new digital interface that allows workers to report potential safety hazards via mobile phones.

Previously, safety observations were submitted using paper cards or via a web-based application that could be accessed from company desktop computers. Data from paper card submissions were manually entered into the program system.

Reducing the amount of time required to identify and remediate risky behaviors and conditions is a major benefit of the interface. When an observation indicates an unsafe condition, a corrective action is assigned and the condition corrected promptly. Feedback is provided throughout the process to keep staff updated on corrected conditions.

“With approximately 40 percent of UCOR’s workforce not having access to the company’s computer systems, the ability for them to submit observations from their cell phones is a dramatic improvement,” said Clint Wolfley, UCOR Safety Systems and Services Manager. “Because of its accessibility and ease of use, the mobile interface has increased the number of observation submissions from around 200 to over 450 per month.”

CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley, West Valley Demonstration Project

DOE VPP honored West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) cleaning company CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley (CHBWV) with its Superior Star Award based on outstanding mentoring, outreach, goal setting and support from VPP. Superior Star award winners also have a proven accidental injury rate that is 50% higher than the average for other US companies in the same industry.

“This milestone marks more than 20 years of the VPP flag flying over the site, under three contractors,” said Jennifer Dundas, team leader of EM WVDP Safety and Site Programs. “All employees working on site should be very proud of this achievement. Our WVDP team has proven that safety comes first every day, especially when working in and around challenging and high-risk areas. Their dedication and proactive approach to safety fosters a safety culture that continually improves the work environment and reduces risk.”

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