This guide provides links to resources for district test coordinators. Further information can be found on the testing website.

AASCD: Alternative assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities

EN: Data entry interface

Error code: District testing coordinator

OELPA: Assessment of English proficiency in Ohio

OILS: Ohio English Language Skills Screener

OGT: Ohio graduation tests for students who entered high school before July 1, 2014

CRS: Centralized reporting system

EAST: Ohio State Tests for Grades 3-8 and High School

TIDE: Test information distribution engine

TAM: Test Administration Guide


Announcements: Announcements for teachers and exam coordinators will be updated on the portal as needed. This includes planned maintenance, assessment and results, secure browser updates, and testing issues and updates.

Data entry interface (DEI): The data entry interface is a component of the online testing system that allows authorized users to enter student assessment data such as question answers and scores. You can find DEI user manuals and other resources in the portal’s resources section.

District Test Coordinator Checklist: This monthly schedule suggests activities for district and building test coordinators to prepare and oversee the conduct of paper and online tests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio State Tests: Find answers to frequently asked questions about Ohio’s State Tests.

Ohio Accessibility Guide: Describes the accessibility guidelines and associated features of the Ohio State Tests that are available to all undergraduate students, students with disabilities, students learning English, and students learning English with disabilities.

Ohio’s State Test Portal: The portal is the gateway to government test management systems, guides, manuals, and resources for test coordinators, technology coordinators, teachers, and test administrators.

Ohio’s State Testing Resource Book: The Ohio State Tests Resource Book, formerly The Rules Book, provides a reference point for school officials responsible for national testing in a district or building. It also provides a general overview of Ohio’s statewide testing program and shares specific information about testing at each grade level.

Centralized reporting system: The Centralized Reporting System, which replaced the Ohio Online Reporting System, provides dynamic data that schools and counties can use to measure student performance on various state assessments. This data can be used to compare individual student performance with the school, district, and state.

Special test scenarios: These describe how to deal with situations like students receiving services outside of their home district, receiving government grants, moving to other districts, enrolling in internet-based schools, attending educational service centers, requiring medical exemptions, and more.

Supplementary instructions for the paper examination: The Additional Instructions for Paper Tests manual provides guidelines and procedures specific to performing Ohio State Tests on paper. This manual is a supplement to the test administration manual. Test coordinators and test administrators who test students on paper must read this guide before testing.

Test Administration Guide: Test coordinators and test administrators must read the Test Administration Manual (TAM) prior to performing the test. The guide contains important information about scheduling, test security, student pre-IDs and test eligibility, staff responsibility, test status requests, and other important policies and procedures.

The Test Administration Guide also contains a number of attachments that can be downloaded as part of the TAM or separately. The appendices cover important guidelines and procedures related to oral translation, human reading administration, calculator guidelines, and infraction administration.

The test administration manual replaces the previous test coordinator’s manual and administration instructions.

Certification course for test administrators: This course is for OST, OELPA, OGT and the upcoming AASCD 2.0. Government support teams provide the necessary training for AASCD test administration.

Test security training: This is compulsory training for all test administrators and must be completed by October of each school year. A test security training resource is also available.

TIDE manual and assignments for test coordinators: The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) stores student demographic information and provides authorized users with tools for administrative testing tasks.

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