Differences between being accessed through a browser or a computer application


If we use a computer, WhatsApp Web is the most convenient way to chat with our WhatsApp contacts without having to constantly switch devices. Initially only accessible via the browser, but we have had a file for a few years now Desktop application is available. Which one is better?

Although the experience is practically the same as well We access WhatsApp through the browser as if we were doing this from a desktop programThere are a few nuances that can make the difference in one or the other, always depending on the needs of the individual. These are the differences from WhatsApp Web depending on how we use it

Access WhatsApp on the web or app

As mentioned earlier, the first difference is how we access the service. When using WhatsApp Web, it is enough to type web.whatsapp.com in the browser while we select the application We have to download it and then install it on our computer. The app is available on the official WhatsApp website for Windows and macOS.

This is the only difference in terms of access, since the system is then identical; We must Scan the QR code Mobile and our account are linked to the computer.

user interface

WhatsApp Desktop vs. WhatsApp Web

We don’t have a noticeable difference at the interface level. On the left there are recent chats, the search area and the various icons that we can use to access status, open a new chat or access other configuration options and settings. The only difference is that the new chat icon is different, with a + icon for the desktop version and a message icon for the browser version.

Menu and settings

Speaking of the menu, there is no difference between the two options either. Here we can create a new group or room, check our profile, open archived or featured chats, enter settings or close the session.

In terms of the configuration menu, we don’t have as many options as we do on the phone, but it allows us to control desktop notifications, light or dark themes, wallpapers and blocked contacts. The difference here is that the “Desktop Settings” option only appears when we have installed the application. What we can do here is Configure WhatsApp to open automatically when you start your computer.

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Hint from WhatsApp Web (above) and WhatsApp-Desktop (below).

Both versions show us notifications with every new message, the only difference being that it indicates whether it comes from Google Chrome (or any browser) or from the app. Of course, if you access it through a browser You have to give permission This is how you can see these notifications to us.

What we lose in the web version is strength See the number of unread messages in the app icon on the system tray. If you’d rather turn off the sound, it’s very good not to miss any warnings.

Calls and video calls

As you can see, the differences are rather insignificant so far, but there is a function Tip the balance in favor of the desktop application. These are calls and video calls, a feature that was only available in the mobile app until a while ago but can now be enjoyed on the computer.

To be able to make a voice call or a video call, we just need to enter the chat we want and click on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the window. Be sure to Set up the speaker and microphone correctlyYou can do this by pressing the three dots button that appears next to the Finish button.

and good?

As I said at the beginning, the choice of the version depends on the needs of the moment. In my case, for example, I installed the program on my computer because I don’t load the browser that much, which already has a few tabs open as usual. What’s more It weighs barely 150 MB, so there is no problem with space. However, WhatsApp Web works better when I log in from a laptop or other computer that doesn’t belong to me. You don’t have to download anything and just close your browser tab after logging out.

What is clear is that if you want to make video calls, you will have to download the program as this option is not present in the browser. If you don’t need it, the web version is of course the most exciting for you. And you, which one do you prefer?

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