Delaware grants ZIP code Wilmington $ 4.5 million to educate low-income residents

Over the next three years, more than 200 low-income Delaware residents hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive full study and living expenses to attend Wilmington’s zip code 12-week boot camp with a Break In Tech Scholarship.

The scholarship, which trains residents to become sought-after Java software developers, data analysts and data engineers, is made possible by a commitment by State of Delaware in the form of $ 4.5 million over the next three years.

“We need to make sure the Delaware people have the skills they need to compete for high-paying jobs of the future.” Governor John Carney said in a statement. “That is why we are targeting these investments in personnel development in industries such as technology and mechanical engineering, which are in demand and growing today. Wilmington Zip Code is a perfect example of a program that works. These investments will help low-income Delawareans, who have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, by giving them the skills they need to begin careers that can support their families over the long term. It’s a big deal. “

The creation of the Break Into Tech Scholarship is a testament to the success of Zip Code Wilmington’s 2020 efforts Forward Delaware Program that provided scholarship holders with a scholarship while participating in the rigorous full-time bootcamp. The tuition fees, payable in full by the State of Delaware, are $ 15,000 plus a cost of living scholarship in excess of $ 1,000 per month – a necessity for low-income students as the intensity of the program is concurrent Employment requires time not feasible.

“This grant will enable unemployed or underemployed Delaware residents, including those in minimum wage jobs, to transition into paid tech careers and change their lives forever,” Executive Director Desa Burton said. “This generous grant will provide many Delaware residents living in poverty affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with access to quality engineering education, thereby helping to deliver well-paid, in-demand, and financially stable engineering careers for those residents. “

Claire DeMatteis, Special Assistant to the Governor, noted that many low-income residents fall under the financial support gap, forcing them to find funding for education and retraining programs such as Wilmington Postal Code on their own. Now she said, “We are proud to sponsor such a prestigious and respected program as Zip Code Wilmington, and we are confident that not only will they provide world-class technical education, but they will also be a partner in finding long-term careers . “

Applications are now accepted through March 10th for the summer session, which runs June 20th through September 9th. Low- to middle-income Delaware residents can apply for the Break Into Tech Scholarship during the application process. Approximately 25 Break Into Tech Fellows will be selected for each of the three cohorts per year for the next three years.


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