COVID hits the Mildura indigenous community as the services prepare for a “very worrying” challenge


“It definitely hits all aspects of the community, both children and indigenous people. We are certainly feeling some pressure on site, we are very concerned about the spread and hope that the blocking can slow down the transmission rate.

Mr Welch said parts of the hospital had been activated for certain COVID-19 areas while some non-life-threatening procedures had been canceled.

“We’re seeing COVID-positive patients come through our healthcare system, and we’ve streamed at least one patient in facilities across the metropolis,” he said.

As active cases cross the 17,000 mark, Matson said authorities are no longer monitoring secondary close contacts.

These secondary contacts, like the roommates of a primary close contact, do not need to self-isolate and around 16,000 people will receive a test message this weekend that will release them from quarantine.

Another sign of the impact of rising case numbers, 117 of the 578 Victorians in the hospital were in intensive care, including 83 on ventilators.

Documents attached to last month’s roadmap announced that in addition to changes to elective surgeries, 600 hospital stays may require additional home care. Elective surgery is currently practiced at 50 percent.


With 1000 hospital admissions, the roadmap suggests finding additional staff and reducing elective operations to “a minimum”.

Victorian Healthcare Association executive director Tom Symondson said health services are urgently working to increase capacity as Burnet Institute models suggest a high of 2,500 hospital stays.

“We are already seeing hospitals train related health professionals like physical therapists to release patients with COVID-19 from the emergency room so that nurses and doctors can continue to work with sicker patients, and Ambulance Victoria is hiring defense and SES staff to increase its capacity “, he said.


Mr. Symondson added that he expects the “extraordinary test” of COVID-19 to continue for the next six to 12 months.

South Australia is on high alert for a new occurrence of COVID-19 after a COVID positive flight crew member traveled on flights across three states, including South Australia, while it has been contagious for the past few days.

Ms. Matson said Virgin Australia cabin crew worked on six flights over Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

“Passengers on these flights will be contacted by the relevant jurisdictions and we have been in close contact and working with both New South Wales and South Australia to contact relevant passengers,” she said.

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